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23 Amazing Bamboo Bathroom Ideas for You to Copy Right Now

Choosing a remodeling theme is essential for your bathing area. We offer bamboo bathroom ideas, making it easier to turn your current room into an inviting personal refuge.

Bamboo home decor has been on the rise for some time, not only because they are widely available but also because they give off an Asian vibe. It gives any space a sense of peace.

If you love your life in the tropics, the natural bamboo bathroom will be a pleasant change of scenery. Please take a look at our wonderfully designed bathroom designs to find one that suits your preferences. Here, we list some of our best creations.

1. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas in Green

bamboo bathroom ideas

Incorporating actual bamboo into your bathroom may seem impossible, but don’t fret. These tiles cover the space wall in muted green tones to create a serene ambience. In addition, the use of bamboo-style tiles makes for an attractive and artistic bathroom. The ceiling’s white color paired with tiled flooring make it seem spacious and airy.

Bathrooms need to accommodate our burgeoning range of interests and needs. You may need a natural-looking bamboo tile that is both artistic and beautiful, or you might prefer the ceiling in your bathroom to be white with light grey tiles on the floor, which makes it feel airy.

The wooden vanity with no hardware has a minimalist look to it. The marble top of the counter provides an everlasting elegance, while faux flowers bring life inside.

2. Awesome Bamboo Candle Holders

bamboo themed bathroom

Are you wondering about bamboo ideas for decorating your bathroom? Take a look at this design. There are river rocks, wood flooring and stone vanity tops which create a spa-like ambience with nature in the room.

Furthermore, the bathing space has bamboo vanities and candle holders. They bring an Asian feel into the bathroom immediately.

The predominance of white in the room draws attention to the vanities, round mirrors, and vessel sinks. Plants on top of potted plants provide a calming effect, while windows and an overhead skylight assure that the room is not gloomy.

3. Bathroom with Bamboo Sticks

bamboo bathroom ideas

Bath time is undoubtedly the best part of any grown-up’s day. But what if you could combine that with some fantastic views and a hot tub or pool? This straightforward renovation will bring a tremendous feeling to your bathing routine.

When one steps into the room, they are met with a rustic but calming ambience. The bamboo sticks lean against the wall and quickly evoke a zen-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, plants and baskets lend this space some natural elements.

Furthermore, the lighting produces a calming effect. Meanwhile, looking up towards the ceiling treatment fills you with awe.

4. Bathroom Design Ideas with Bamboo

bamboo themed bathroom

We love this bathroom so much. It is stunning and stylish, with the beige wall and floor tiles giving visitors an air of tranquillity. Meanwhile, bamboo mirrors and sticks in the interior provide a subtle hint of Asian-style décor for those who notice them.

The broad-grain oak vanity, stool, and floating shelves have high-contrasting lines that effortlessly blend. This streamlined all-in-one piece delivers a contemporary feel to any bathroom space in a matter of minutes.

The decorative window provides an airy vibe, while the wall sconces offer a relaxing atmosphere. To brighten it up, including a couple of potted plants on pedestals or behind your toilet.

5. Bathroom Bamboo Theme and Freestanding Bathtub

bamboo themed bathroom

Bamboo bathroom ideas should focus on neutral colors. They make the space feel serene and calm in no time. In this case, the room features green, off-white, taupe, and brown tones.

The homeowner kept the furnishings and decor minimal. The wooden shelving houses small toiletries and towels.

Alternatively, the best way for you to relax is to take a soothing bath in the new freestanding white bathtub.

Bamboo ladders are perfect for hanging towels. They stand tall next to the large bathtub, contrasting against the bright white surroundings. The wallpaper with pictures of bamboo trees helps create an authentic Asian feel, while the sheer curtains help carry this theme. These touches of elegance enhance the cohesiveness of this room.

6. Stylish Bamboo Bathroom for Small Spaces

bamboo bathroom ideas

In this design, a white ceiling and moulding frame the bathroom to create an open space. A strategically-placed mirror further opens up space and provides an enlarged surface for grooming.

The river rock floor and dark grey stone wall make the bathroom feel outdoorsy. They also The bathroom provide has a beautiful outdoor feel. It details features. A river Additionally rock, floor the and red, dark vessel grey stone basin instantly wall offers. These bold details are impressive. They showcased lovely ways, like the vessel basin made out of red stone, which immediately impacted space.

Black furniture adds drama to an otherwise small space. Meanwhile, bamboo acts as a room divider, separating the toilet from the vanity. Then with metal faucets and knobs give this modern bathroom a sense of industrial flair.

7. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas that are Unconventional

bamboo themed bathroom

One of the best bamboo bathroom ideas is the black bathtub and floating shelf. These two unconventional features contrast beautifully with bright white exposed walls to produce drama in this space.

The bamboo towel hanger, wicker pendant lamp, and hanging orchid bring a tropical feel to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the windows provide plenty of natural light.

Asian bamboo floorboards provide an exotic atmosphere to the room. Besides being a focal point, however, the mirror also helps make this bathroom brighter and more spacious. The earth-toned shade on the wall provides both comfort and performance in terms of its insulation properties, as well as a rustic touch not present elsewhere in interior design. Wooden walls only

8. Japanese Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom ideas

In this case, paper shoji screens provide privacy. They not only carve out Japanese vibes in the bathroom but also offer a sense of seclusion and peace.

In addition, the sunshine coming in through the window will illuminate your bathroom enough that you won’t notice a lack of light.

The light wood tiles are a soothing and peaceful contrast to the white walls. The bathtub, vanity, and table all have clean lines for a streamlined effect.

In no time, they reinvigorated the plumbing area with a modern vibe. In the meanwhile, windows ensured that the bathroom wasn’t gloomy.

Additionally, a bamboo ladder brings style and function to the bathroom. It accommodates towels in shades of grey, green and brown. The flower in a blue glass vase instantly titivates the space.

9. Luxurious Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom ideas

This bathroom utilizes a large planter next to the French doors and a bamboo ladder through Asian-inspired elements. The skylight and oval mirror create brighter lighting and lighten up the bathing area (making it feel more spacious).

The elegant marble tops for the vanity and built-in bench accentuate the clean and polished aesthetic of the room. Light grey walls and ceiling create a calming atmosphere, allowing the other elements in the bathroom to stand out.

The wooden vanity and floating shelves radiate warmth, while black accents lend the bathroom a dash of drama. Purely white flowers fill vases neatly arranged on the sides of the room where they couldn’t receive direct sunlight to maintain their freshness. Painting monochrome paints span one wall with precision without looking out of place, but rather.

10. Tropical Twist on Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo themed bathroom

Whether you are looking for a bathroom floor or other surfaces, bamboo can be a good option.

The limestone tiles and dark wood make space seem more natural. The lighting accentuates the many features of this spa, making it feel cosier and more attractive.

Bamboo sticks can transform your bathroom into a tropical oasis with just one touch; they are perfect for making any corner of your room look relaxing.

Pale grey walls and white moulding do much more than divide the bathroom in half. They exhibit an open atmosphere made even more modern by glass blocks highlighting blurring any images to provide maximum privacy.

11. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas with Color Scheme

bamboo bathroom ideas

We love the color scheme of this bamboo bathroom idea. Gray, brown, black, white and cream are found around the space, and they all work to create an inviting experience.

Additionally, stone and wood walls bring exciting textures to the bathroom. They add natural elements in space quickly too. The downlights prevent the interior from becoming gloomy at night.

The marble, bamboo mirrors, and wooden tissue paper bowl generate a balanced appearance. A potted orchid provides balance to the bathroom. Photos of Buddha make the bath a zen-like experience.

12. Bathroom Ideas with Window Treatment

bathroom ideas pinterest

We have some great bamboo themed bathroom ideas, and it’s one of them. Nature lovers will enjoy this bathing space with its enormous windows providing views of the outside world.

The pure white floor provides an open feeling and conveys simplicity. At night, the room is lit by high-up balloon lights that give off a warm glow. The metal hardware contrasts with this softness for a more edgy feel.

This space only has a few furniture units made from various colors. They create a clutter-free environment, tying the restroom together while providing ambience. Lastly, bamboo window shades offer an airy vibe that is comforting to your senses.

13. Modern Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom ideas

The primary colors of this bathroom are white and beige. The colors instil a serene feeling with light reflecting in the room at once. Meanwhile, double-hung windows let natural sunlight enter the bathing area.

The corner rectangular bath has natural bamboo covering the entire surface. It effortlessly converts the bathing space and any home into a relaxing spa, complete with adequate storage.

The simple, modern design of the wooden bathmat and shower glass enclosure injects an instant update into this bathroom. The monochrome art looks stunning against the sleek white bathroom background.

14. Faux Bamboo Bathroom Designs

 bamboo bathroom design

One of the many bamboo bathroom ideas we like is this space, which has a black ceiling. The dark color creates a sense of sophistication, and the red walls evoke feelings of romance in this room.

The artificial bamboo trees instantly make the bathroom feel as though you are in Asia. The soothing paper lantern lights provide a very atmospheric lighting effect, making for a peaceful ambience.

The wood floor and floating vanity create a rustic charm, while the black shelving unit stores towels and tissue rolls. Blue LED lights beneath the bathtub give off a nighttime drama. This bathroom is graced with Asian-themed décor, which helps bring peace of mind. A paper lantern ceiling provides gentle lights to illuminate the space.

15. Japanese-style Bamboo bathroom Ideas with Soaking Tub

bamboo themed bathroom

The white ceiling and walls open up space, giving an airy feeling to the bathroom without making it seem cramped.

The wooden soaking tub exudes a warm ambience. It takes the bathroom from bland to dazzling as well. Pieces of bamboo in different colors and tones add an Asian feel to the interior.

The homeowners installed flooring that features grey stone tiles and a shoji screen installed in the sliding bathroom door to create an open, natural feel. In addition, creative lighting contributes to the sense of tranquillity.

16. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas with Rainforest

bamboo bathroom ideas

When it comes to bamboo bathroom ideas, it’s essential to keep your room space uncluttered. Instead of fitting a lot of furniture inside the bathing area, remove the unnecessary pieces and put in only one freestanding white soaking tub instead.

Meanwhile, a bamboo-like flooring seems to help you unleash your inner calm too. Meanwhile, Brazilian rainforest wallpaper also develops a more attractive pattern. It quickly pampers your eyes.

17. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas with Green Tiles

bamboo themed bathroom

Here, you can see a bathroom that features green rectangular subway tiles on its shower walls. They are arranged vertically and resemble bamboo trees. Space looks more serene thanks to them.

The light, warm colors of the bathroom make it feel inviting and welcoming. Meanwhile, greenery brings a natural touch to space. Dark tones in the wood furnishings provide an airy space despite its enclosed walls.

The red towel is an excellent item to have in the bathroom as it contrasts wonderfully with metallic hardware. Cream tiles create a cohesive look in the toilet and complement the red towel. As the finishing touch, green towels complete the design.

18. Minimalist Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom vanity

The bathroom features a white ceiling, round tub and minimalist design. The windows let in any available light for the bathing area to remain airy and spacious. At the same time, limestone flooring and a vase of tree branches provide an additional touch of nature inside.

The bamboo frames and drawer give the bathroom a zen-like ambience, an addition that will no doubt impress any guest entering.

The interior of the bathroom is symmetrical, featuring a vessel sink, red decoration and full-width mirror. This bathroom is undoubtedly a beautiful place to bathe as well as relax.

19. Stylish Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom vanity

The bamboo vanity has neat cubbies with open storage boxes to display rolled towels. Black metal handles complement the overall look of this portable vanity.

A full-width mirror in the bathroom allows for a sense of more space, which is essential when it comes to small bathrooms. Green vanity top and grey tiles are also soothing to the eye.

In addition to the artwork, which gives off an Asian feel, indoor plants also reinforce a bamboo-themed bathing space.

20. Bamboo Bathroom with Brown Floor Tiles

bamboo floor bathroom

Light neutrals surround the bathroom, from floor to ceiling. The neutral color creates a serene mood while also creating an airy setting. The freestanding soaking tub brings style as well as a great bathing experience to this room.

The brown subway tiles elegantly cover the bathroom walls, providing a hint of bamboos. Combined with the plants in the outside area and wood flooring, it lends Wall a paper in natural the tone bathroom to even thistles room an. Impression of bamboo during our time there. The live plants outdoors blended with the brown wooden planks underneath make a beautiful flooring for this room.

21. Bamboo Bathroom Ideas in Indonesian Style

bathroom ideas pinterest

If you love bamboo, then consider this idea for your bathroom. The master bathing space of the villa in Bali has a ceiling, beams and walls made from bamboo and a vanity.

A copper sink and wood soaking tub add warmth to this master bath. Meanwhile, beige curtains with a grommet top provide privacy and elegance simultaneously.

There are many examples of beautiful bamboo bathroom designs. It would help if you looked to these as inspiration when you also want your house to be pretty and relaxing. Take the layout that best suits your needs and preferences; pick from any of our suggestions.

22. Tropical Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo bathroom ideas

To indeed have the power to transform a bathroom into a beautiful and comforting space, you must first deconstruct the area and rebuild it in your mind. After understanding the importance of peace and relaxation in the design, you will challenge yourself to be innovative and creative.

In Uruguay’s Bahia Vik, this bathroom has bamboo walls instead of the more anticipated tile for a bathroom that seems like a tropical hideaway. The refreshing wood offers a delightful contrast to the blue steel tile in the rest of the space, bringing a deep sense of relaxation.

23. Outdoor Bamboo Bathroom Ideas

bamboo themed bathroom

Bring holiday cheer with a touch of bamboo. The bathroom will be perfect for those who live in the tropics and want to recreate the warmth and vitality of their outdoor setting. Outside, open, the bamboo and other tropical accents are welcomed and encouraged.

The rapidly renewable natural resource bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to many more common and unnatural building materials. Often used for flooring, cabinetry, and tableware, bamboo is both durable and hypoallergenic.

It is the best space for a mini-break to relax and re-center yourself, especially when you have a stressful week of work. The outdoor bathroom gives a natural vacation feeling, getting you close to the surroundings and a perfect relaxation area.

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