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22 Amazing Bathroom Cabinet Ideas You Can Duplicate

Find the best bathroom cabinet ideas and learn about the best bathroom cabinets you can get for your bathroom. Get these bathroom cabinet ideas today and get inspired for your bathroom.

As a high-traffic area, bathrooms need some organization. A piece of furniture like a cabinet can give the necessary storage space and keep things in one place. I’ve compiled some ideas for bathroom cabinets that are cool and would look great in any bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets are available in various sizes, colors, designs, forms, and materials. They are practical but also easy on the eyes. Let’s explore my bathroom storage options and pick out your favorite later. I am confident that storing things has never been easier than it is now.

1. Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Wall Mounting

bathroom cabinet ideas

This bathroom has an aluminum cabinet mounted on the wall, which hides beauty products to present a more industrial look. Check out these interesting bathroom vanity ideas that you will want to see.

The black pull-out drawer is a plus for this bathroom because it provides extra storage space. In contrast, the white vanity top contrasts with it.

2. Built-In Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

bathroom cabinet ideas

The built-in taupe cabinet is appropriately narrow and tall. A beautifully crafted piece of furniture that nestles perfectly into a corner of a room.

In addition, the cabinet features five shelves, metal storage racks, and a reversible door. Along with the under-sink cabinets that provide toiletries and linens, they use all available space.

3. Modern Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

bathroom cabinet ideas

The floating bathroom cabinet is sleek and modern-looking. It’s also a perfect fit if you’re looking for straight lines or sharp angles alongside your design scheme.

The open and simple design of the flat-front cabinet creates a clean environment. The wood vanity top adds warmth to space, while the mirror frame creates an elegant pattern in the room.

4. Mirrored Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet

This stainless steel cabinet is an excellent way to bring elegance to the bathroom by adding industrial-style air. Adding this seamless finish to your space will keep it looking very elegant and make it durable.

Having three mirrors in the bathroom is beautiful and adds so much depth to the room. Moreover, they make it feel more elegant as well.

5. Cottage Bathroom Wall Cabinet

bathroom storage cabinets

There’s something beautiful and delightful about the cottage feel of this bathroom. The light blue backdrop and white wall cabinet give it a fresh look, too.

The cabinet doors keep your smaller items out of sight. Meanwhile, two open shelves display your occasionally-used items, like alarm clocks and toiletries.

6. Cabinet Floor Standing Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage cabinets

There is an open-plan modern bathroom cabinet here. It contrasts with the pastel gray wall panel and sits on polished wood floors.

The top of this cabinet also offers additional storage space for items like toilet paper and beauty products. You can access toilet paper by gently pulling the roll underneath the surface, along with linens.

7. Wooden Bathroom Wall Cabinets

modern bathroom cabinet

The wood cabinets exhibit warm minimalism that is very pleasing to the eye. They have open shelves and hardware-free doors for easy access to them for storing bath essentials.

Further, those two wall-mounted cabinets also add a sense of natural ambiance to the interior. Along with a brown shag rug, they manage to maintain a welcoming bathroom.

8. Contemporary Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

bathroom cabinet ideas

This cabinet is made of dark-toned wood that projects a contemporary design. A pair of sleek stainless-steel drawer pulls add a touch of industrial chic to the plan.

There is no doubt that the cabinet will infuse a sense of warmth into the home very quickly. Marble subway tiles are used as a decorative backdrop in this deluxe bathroom.

9. Bathroom Floor Cabinet Rustic

bathroom storage cabinet

This bathroom is built symmetrically, from the cabinetry to the mirrors to the sinks. They convey a sense of formality and authority that is pleasing to the eye.

There are doors, drawers, a shelf, exposed legs on this unfinished wood cabinet. A very classic style, this introduces a certain rustic beauty and timeless quality.

10. Bathroom Cabinets over Toilet

bathroom cabinet designs

Walls painted in a cornflower blue hue give a space a more lively ambiance. With the addition of white furniture units, they have the effect of creating a coastal atmosphere.

Over the toilet, a cabinet offers the room plenty of storage space. In addition, there is a little X-shaped cubbyhole in the middle of the room. Within this cabinet are racks for storing towels.

11. Custom-Made Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom storage cabinet

The curved shelves and wooden cabinets truly squeeze a great deal of storage space into a small space. Brass drawer pulls infuse this bathroom with modernism.

Nothing is more visually appealing than the cabinetry’s gorgeous textures. Furthermore, white walls and a white rug complement the metallic elements in an aesthetic sense.

12. Mid-Century Modern Storage Cabinet

bathroom storage cabinets

The image shows a lovely bathroom cabinet. The cabinet is painted a crisp white and features two beautiful doors and a teal backdrop. The doors are reversible, and the cabinet has two knobs and three shelves inside.

This furniture is from the mid-century era. It has a marble top, plenty of storage space, and even an inlay. From afar, you’ll notice that it is carved from marble.

13. Traditional Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

bathroom cabinet ideas

This bathroom is decorated with a claw-foot tub, wrought iron chandelier, flowers in the vase, and works of art. A duck egg blue hue creates a serene atmosphere.

The wood-paneled cabinet injects a traditional country feel into the room. The white Shaker-style cabinet is a classic addition to the bathroom.

14. Bathroom Cabinet with Iron Handles

modern bathroom cabinet

Beige walls create a serene and restful ambiance. The clean walls, crisp furniture, and elegant decorations give the room an inviting, graceful atmosphere.

Bathroom cabinets are made of wood and store knickknacks and bathroom supplies.

15. Bathroom Storage Tower

bathroom storage cabinet

The owners of this half bathroom wanted to keep it simple and classic. They wanted a space that was cozy but not cluttered. To accomplish this, they used wooden cabinets with open shelves. An open shelf above the sink provides additional storage space and fits around the toilet.

In your bathroom, you’ll want to keep towels and toiletries tucked away in corner cabinets. Meanwhile, wall and floor cabinets can contain linens and decorative items.

16. Beach-Chic Bathroom Cabinets

modern bathroom cabinet

The walls of this bathroom are navy blue and contain a white bathtub. The colors work together nicely to evoke a nautical theme.

The freestanding cabinets are ideal for storing various items. They can add texture and personality to a room. You can fit things like a tray in a cupboard that’s just big enough for towels or a vase of flowers.

17. Luxury Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

modern bathroom cabinet

This bathroom is outfitted with gorgeous custom-made cabinets in a cinnamon cherry finish. They instantly pull together a room that would otherwise look unfinished.

Other than that, the dark wood cabinetry evokes a feeling of timelessness. The quartz top raises the glamorous vibe.

18. Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

bathroom storage cabinet

The light and medium gray color scheme give this bathroom a sophisticated feel. The granite vanity is the perfect focal point.

Wiped cabinets are perfect for spaces that seem to have no storage. They can fit in your tiny bathroom and help give you the space you will need to organize your things.

19. Tall Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

bathroom cabinet ideas

Have you always wanted to create a traditional, formal setting in your home? Here are a few design ideas. For instance, cabinets, mirrors, wall surfaces, and downlights can all be used to achieve the desired effect.

There is nothing quite like a clean espresso stain on tall cabinets. It’s so elegant that you don’t even need to show it off with other pleasing colors or patterns because it stands for itself.

20. Bathroom Storage Cabinet

bathroom storage cabinets

An elegant bathroom is a tranquil space. The walls and backdrops are tan, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Wall sconces create a moody ambiance in the room.

Adding a sophisticated look to this bathroom is the white marble top, contrasting with the cherry cabinets. In addition, it provides a nice contrast to the dark wood surfaces.

21. Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage cabinet

If you have a small bathing area, maximize it by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Painting them white will make them blend with your bathroom’s decor.

A bold design element is the glass panel. It lets you see what’s inside the cabinets. The black knobs and drawer pull give the piece drama.

22. Jet Black Bathroom Cabinets

modern bathroom cabinet

In this bathroom, I feel warm and relaxed. The bathroom is luxurious and full of tranquility. I like to take baths in this tub.

The glossy black cabinets make the space visually deep, while the bathtub, marble top, and light fixtures give it a traditional feel.

There are many things to do when decorating your bathroom. One of these is to choose a bathroom cabinet. You can use it for all your hygiene and grooming requirements.

In this article, I will provide you with 22 bathroom cabinet ideas. These cabinets will add beauty and elegance to your bathroom.

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