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25 Stunning Bathroom Curtain Ideas To Steal Right Now

The initial purpose of bathroom curtains was to give privacy. However, they also have become an accessory, adding visual appeal and livening up the plainest of bathrooms. If you want to make a quick and inexpensive update to a simple bathroom, browse through these bathroom curtain ideas.

There are many different styles of curtains available. Some designs are fundamental, while others contain intricate patterns and shapes. This article will provide a list of all the various types of curtains available to you and make your bathroom feel fresh and invigorated with a new, revitalizing curtain style.

1. Cotton Bathroom Curtain with Style

bathroom window curtains

The bathroom is equipped with white sanitary ware, cabinetry, and subway tiled walls which stretch to create an airy setting.

The white space is beautifully adorned with a pop of color from the cotton curtain. Baskets and rolled towels make an otherwise plain room look like a spa-like atmosphere.

2. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Gray Stripes

bathroom curtain ideas

The freestanding soaking tub and wall sconce at the end of the guest bath complement one another and furnish a cozy feeling to this space. Pale gray floors, white walls, and dark wood furniture lend an elegant touch.

A gray striped curtain shields this private bathing area from prying eyes. Both curtain and towel offer cohesion, while the orange storage box provides a hint of warmth.

3. Bathroom Curtain Sets for Your Bathroom

bath window curtains

This bathroom features cream-colored walls and white sanitary ware. It only takes a moment for this space to become one of relaxation with its inviting vibe.

Black and white zebra print curtains cover the windows, enhancing the fun personality of a small space. Flowers in a vase on an open shelf add color to this chic beauty.

4. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Natural Linen

bathroom curtain ideas

In the shower area, the black floor and walls provide a sense of depth. On the other hand, square black tiles with white grouts catch attention.

Incorporate light-colored materials like linen shower curtains and exposed beams to brighten the room. Antique brass units complement an earthy vibe, while weathered baskets add a rustic aesthetic.

5. Modern White Sheer Curtains

window curtain ideas

The bathroom looks bright and modern thanks to patterned tiles that offer a distraction from the stark white. The marble vanity top exudes luxury with its up-to-date appearance.

The glass pendant and sheer white curtain give this room a light atmosphere. The wooden stool with the plant in it creates an organic feel.

6. Colorful Floral Shower Curtain

shower curtain ideas

This bathroom would be inviting and serene with different color tiles. The windows allow natural light to enter the room as well as outside views.

Plant-based fabrics can serve various purposes beyond the typical, such as adorning bathrooms or providing visitors to your home with privacy. They also offer refreshing aromas and beautiful colors that make any space feel like a living work of art.

7. Bathroom Window Curtains On Amazon

bathroom window curtain

Marble wainscoting and darker floor tiles give the bathroom a glamorous feel. Light brown walls with white accents help create a calm ambiance.

Carefully patterned curtains highlight the brown and white hues present in this room’s decor. Along with wall sconce and decorative plates, they embrace the French country style.

8. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Two Tone

bathroom window treatment

The colors of ash, medium, and silvery greys come together in this bathroom. Those shades offer a sophisticated feeling to space.

A good interior design improves the quality of life for everyone who uses the room. It increases the energy level of the room by adding color and style.

It also introduces a unique texture and warm feeling. Using sunburst wall decor provides a unique texture and warm feeling. Finally, using brown curtains creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

9. Walmart Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom curtain ideas

Black tiles make the bathroom a little more interesting. Brown tiles add some soothing warmth to the flooring.

The light grey sheer curtain from Walmart lets the light in without compromising privacy. The big mirror adds brightness to the room.

10. Perfect Shower Curtain Size

window treatment ideas

While this bathroom is small, it isn’t short in style, thanks to the oversized astronomy shower curtain. The shower curtain lends space a touch of interest.

The white color scheme and curved window help keep the space open and sunny. Wooden stools contribute to the rustic charm of the area.

11. How to Choose the Right Shower Curtain Color

shower curtain ideas

Far from the visual spectrum’s center, blue and green are complementary colors. The bathroom was pairing them in this way to benefit from their uniting nature.

Delicate touches can improve the appearance of a bathroom. A light blue tile backsplash and lime green shower curtain follow suit with other items in the room, like a washcloth basket and a decorative rug.

12. Striped Shower Curtain in Sand and White

bathroom window curtains

In the photo is a minimalist bathroom with a freestanding tub and an extra-long table. The house plant provides life to the area.

The shower curtain is decorated with a white and sand stripe pattern, drawing the eye. Along with this detail, the wooden floor further adds to the warmth of this space.

13. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Unique Designs

bathroom window curtain

Cream and white is a tranquil color scheme, as shown by the floral arrangements supplemented with the neutral-toned bathroom.

Window shutters are a way to maintain a homey ambiance in your room. Adding floral vinyl window curtains is not just waterproof. Your bedroom will also have an elegant look with it.

14. Bathroom Curtain Ideas for Small Windows

window curtain ideas

The bathroom can become visually busy but textured, and constellation wallpapers offer visual interest without the feeling of clutter. Stainless steel fittings create a polished look while still being refreshingly contemporary.

White curtains gently filter the daylight pouring in through a small window. To add more character to the scenery, rolled towels and terracotta planters sit on a ledge near the sink.

15. Traditional Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom curtain ideas

Traditional elements such as the claw-foot tub, wall sconce, chair, and ornaments enhance the room. The wooden floor adds warmth that’s especially welcome when cold blue walls surround you.

Sheer floral roman shades keep the sun at bay while providing access to jaw-dropping outdoor views. An area rug offers comfort to your feet on a warm day.

16. Trendy Modern Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bath window curtains

Sleek counters and floating cabinetry create the perfect style for your bathroom. Incorporating mirrors in the design and saber wall sconces brighten up any drab space.

The light grey pleated shower curtain is a classic design that provides a beautiful and simple way of dressing your bathroom. A striped towel in the blend brings a bit of boldness to the room’s color scheme while awaiting your next creative venture.

17. Novelty Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom window treatment

Grey walls create feelings of serenity and sophistication. An industrial-chic stainless steel curtain rod provides an elegant contrast with the modern backdrop.

This cheery blue and yellow shower curtain add some color to the bathroom. The striped towel nicely compliments this shower curtain hanging on the rod.

18. Stunning Turquoise Ombre Shower Curtain

shower curtain ideas

White and light-blue beach towels dominate the scene. A rattan towel basket carves a tropical feel to this coastal scene.

When one looks at these curtains, they instantly know it is going to be a soothing environment. The shade of blue used in the curtain allows for an even more calming effect for our senses.

19. Monochrome Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom curtain ideas

Black wall panels can be used to create an air of moodiness. Furthermore, they can serve as barricades, creating a dramatic ambiance and providing a sense of coziness.

A white claw-foot bathtub is the central focus of this tranquil space. Patterned monochrome curtains in shades of grey are available as a softer option for those who prefer not to use the tub.

20. White Shower Curtain Shabby Chic

shower curtain ideas

A white curtain in the shower area is functional as well as stylish. Meanwhile, striped roller blinds dress up the window by complementing it with color.

This space is updated with a touch of shabby chic. Touches like distressed furniture, reclaimed wood baskets, and decorative tiles create a unified look.

21. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Cream-Colored

bathroom window curtain

These walls are painted in a pastel-yellow color. Something is exciting about that, and it brings an essence of fun to the bathroom.

A cream-colored table with a white top sits in the center of the frame. The tabletop holds potted plants and ornamental pieces, such as butterflies set among vines.

22. Colorful Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom window curtains

Sky blue and white promote a fresh, rejuvenating feeling. The light from the outdoors enters through gaps in the curtains or drawn window shade.

Christmas curtains add a degree of privacy to the home, as well as evoking that holiday spirit. The warmth from the wooden floors helps balance out any cold shades running through the house.

23. Superhero Bathroom Curtain Ideas

window treatment ideas

Batman provides the perfect theme for an enjoyable and unforgettable bathroom experience for kids and adults alike. A famous superhero who knows no age limit, Batman is an ideal feature for a bathroom.

We are surprised by the beauty of the curtains in the bathroom. These impressive curtains are Batman-themed, but it’s more than just the logo. There is a back backdrop as well as hooks completed by the smaller Batman logo.

24. Bathroom Curtain Ideas with Rod

bathroom curtain ideas

Boho bathroom theme is the grand theme that enables you to choose almost anything from plain to patterned motif. The rule also holds for the curtain. The bathroom brings together three curtain models at once.

Aesthetically pleasing and timeless, these curtains will be an excellent finishing touch to any bathroom. They can be set up with a rod and tie-backs for a more traditional look or held up by the window with curtain rings.

The matching curtains with vivid colors make the bathroom both warmer and cheerier. The choice of using multiple curtains sets is one of the creative ways to ensure that space has a customized feel.

25. Mermaid Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom window curtain

The girls will be delighted that you are no longer hovering over them. They can now freely control their bodies without your assistance. The curtain design is identical to the towel design.

She’s pleasant and helpful. Throughout history, folklore has described the mermaid as an entertaining creature with a distinct look. You might want to consider creating a mermaid bathroom for your little girls.

Another option to incorporate a mermaid motif into her room is to get a mermaid rug. The rug has a straightforward design but has a lovely touch of the sea. You could also go with a mermaid vanity stool or a mermaid clock.

We need to invest in curtains, as they provide a need for privacy and offer a modern, aesthetically pleasing touch to the room. Steal one of those sleek, simple bathroom curtain ideas for your project, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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