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22 Creative Bathroom Door Ideas for Your Next Renovation

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Decorating a bathroom is one of the most important things to improve your home and attract more buyers. Because of this reason, I’ve put together some terrific bathroom door ideas for you.

It’s essential to consider both aesthetic and practical perspectives when designing bathroom doors. The materials vary from wood to steel, and they range from low-cost to high-end designs. So, choose the best one that reflects your taste.

1. Bathroom Door Ideas with Towel Racks

bathroom door ideas

This oddly-sized bathroom features blue walls that remind you of the beach and white molding. Along with the baby blue table, they create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors.

Two towel racks are mounted on the back of a white door, and each one is made of stainless steel. As a result, the towels will not only remain dry, but they also have a luxurious appearance.

2. Bathroom Entry Doors Ideas

bathroom door ideas

White and gray are a great color combination for a bathroom. They set the right tone within an environment conducive to relaxation.

The farmhouse-style sliding entrance door is a space saver as it doesn’t take up five feet of floor area. Wrought iron pieces give the home country charm.

3. Bathroom Door Designs in Rustic Style

bathroom door designs

Light beige floor tiles and bright white walls offer a spacious bathing space. Sleek floating wooden cabinets add minimalist appeal to bring the room together.

The reclaimed wood sliding doors add a rustic vibe to the design. The metal hardware is rusted and creates an industrial feel that meshes well with the reclaimed nature of this door.

4. Metal Bathroom Door Ideas

bathroom door ideas

In the bathroom, white subway tiles on the walls lend a contemporary flair. Meanwhile, patterned floor tiles bring attention to themselves.

Black steel doors contrast the white walls in this bathroom. In addition, this washroom offers an industrial edge with its black towel bar and sink faucet.

5. Pocket Door for Small Bathroom

small bathroom door

To maximize precious bathroom space with a smaller door, consider installing a pocket door to minimize the intrusion. Then, when you want privacy in the bathing area, sliding it into the wall will keep your boundaries firmly in place.

The sand colors on the walls and in the wainscoting create a sense of serenity. The black floor tiles add to this effect, making the room seem spacious.

6. Bathroom Door Designs with Aluminum

bathroom door designs

The dark taupe tiles give this bathroom a sense of depth. Pairing the bold tiling with beige walls creates an elegant, peaceful vibe.

The metal door is one of the most striking aspects of this space since it’s different from the other more subdued trim. It has a masculine vibe that makes it stand out much more than the less noticeable wood or brick surfaces.

7. Bathroom Barn Door Ideas

bathroom door designs

The calming effect of light gray interior walls, white bathtubs, and matching base molding is evident. In addition, the barn door painted in neutral gray is a feature that saves space.

The metallic accents in this bathroom add an industrial aesthetic. In addition, the wooden floor introduces some warmth to a space dominated by cool tones.

8. Themed Bathroom Door Stickers

small bathroom door

Crisp white walls in a bathroom create an airy atmosphere with some softness as well. Meanwhile, base and door molding are kept off-white to add this subtle softness.

Black stick figures take center stage in this redesigned lobby. Frosted glass panels ensure guest privacy and intrigue while highlighting the company’s new logo.

9. Frosted Glass Bathroom Entry Doors

bathroom door designs

The white of this bathroom helps make it look visually more significant. The mirrored cabinets also expand the space, so everything appears brighter and more spacious.

Wooden sliding doors exude a homey atmosphere with their natural wood and clean but colorless design. The transparent construction, meanwhile, lets in light and maintains privacy.

10. Modern Bathroom Door Ideas

bathroom door ideas

This eye-catching door, composed of metal and textured glass, is perfect for those with an affinity for modern industrial design.

Furthermore, the dark-colored door makes a statement in this light-toned bathroom. Black concrete tiles and metal showerheads offer a masculine touch to an otherwise feminine space.

11. Bathroom Door Ideas with Half-frosted Glass

bathroom door ideas

Black ceilings, counters, and cabinets make for a dramatic backdrop. The wooden floors and sconces provide a warm place to sit back, relax and enjoy your evening meal.

These half-frosted glass doors have ornate stripes. This design not only lets you maintain privacy but also maximizes the amount of natural light in a room.

12. Bathroom Door Sign Decor

bathroom door designs

This bathroom features crisp, white walls and a light gray floor with metallic accents. The comforting hues have created a relaxing environment.

The bathroom door is outfitted with a handle for easy access and an adorable sign that adds character to the otherwise stark entryway.

13. Bathroom Door Paint Ideas

bathroom door designs

The neutral tiled floor, dark base molding, and white-framed walls contribute to the tranquil atmosphere of this bathing space.

This wall’s trim and the door are colored in white and gray to match the color scheme. The red chair is an energy booster for this area.

14. Bathroom Door for Small Spaces

small bathroom ideas

Black walls, floors, and vanity give the bathroom a dimensional appearance. White walls, sinks, and toilets bring light into this room.

White-washed wood offers a nice contrast to the cool, gray interior of this room. Locked in with a light gray pocket door that’s both functional and stylish, decorating is complete!

15. Bathroom Doors Waterproof

small bathroom door

Gray tiles that run up the walls are installed in a vertical pattern. Thus, they trick the eye into perceiving an elevated ceiling height.

Stainless-steel framed glass shower doors are the best option for a luxurious bathroom. They have all the desirable glass features and offer waterproof privacy and appeal to your sense of welcome design.

16. Modern Japanese Sliding Doors

bathroom door ideas

Even though those sliding doors look like shoji screens, they are made from metal and frosted glass. In seconds, they add an Asian flair to the scene.

The country decor combines with neutral colors in the bathroom, creating a cozy ambiance. This bright room doesn’t feel dark or dingy, thanks to interior lighting.

17. Wooden Bathroom Doors

Wooden Bathroom Doors

Cream walls and floor tiles create a Zen-inspired environment. Meanwhile, a long oval mirror helps bring more light into space.

Unfinished wood doors provide a timeless feeling of warmth and rustic charm. They also help divide up space in a small bathroom with one entrance.

18. Sliding Bathroom Door

Sliding Bathroom Door

If your bathroom is small, you can maximize space by adding a white-painted sliding door. The rustic tone achieved through stained metal hardware brings interest to the room.

Pastel peach and green create a tranquil ambiance. Brown marble floor tiles infuse just the right amount of drama to keep your design from feeling too soft.

19. Fiberglass Bathroom Doors

bathroom door ideas

This beautiful bathroom door is made of fiberglass, which is more durable than wood but offers the same quality design.

The white fiberglass door and sand-colored walls in our bathroom are designed to look calm. The frosted glass window allows for a bit of privacy, too.

20. PVC Bathroom Door Designs

bathroom door designs

Hexagon tiles are in the shape of hexagons which look fabulous when used to tile a small bathroom. The contemporary flair injects an upgrade into this space.

A white PVC sliding door features a clean, straight-lined aesthetic. However, the frosted glass panel guarantees that passersby cannot see through it.

21. Behind the Door Storage Racks

small bathroom door

This graceful white door effortlessly accommodates the metal racks lined up neatly on both sides.

Moreover, various cleaning supplies and towels are stored in the cabinets. The baskets are used to store washcloths.

22. Bathroom Doors Design Latest

bathroom door designs

The taupe, cream, and white tones in this bathroom create a calm environment. A flush mount ceiling light provides illumination at the entrance of the room.

The metal sliding door brings a touch of industrial chic to the dining room, while frosted glass maintains your privacy.

The bathroom door ideas you just read about are lovely. You can have them in your bathroom. You’ll love seeing the guests, family, and friends swoon over your new bathroom doors.

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