35 Stunning Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should always be a clean, organized, and clutter-free place, and it should have a designated place to store your spare towels, beauty products, and toiletries. There are many brilliant bathroom shelf ideas out there.

With these storage solutions, you’ll enjoy relaxing in your bathroom without feeling like your stuff is invading every nook and cranny. Beyond that, you can make your wall space more functional and decorative.

1. Bathroom Shelving Units

bathroom shelving ideas

This white pedestal sink bathroom opens up the room, but the tall metal étagere straddles the toilet. It’s made from iron that is covered in warm beige paint. A couple of wall-mounted étageres hang from the wall. These etageres are more compact and can be used as nightstands or for books or knickknacks.

2. DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

diy bathroom shelf

Build bathroom shelves from unfinished wood crates to accommodate tissue paper rolls, wicker baskets, flowers in the vase, and towels. For easy access to your stuff, install a wooden ladder for storing things on the shelving unit.

3. Bathroom Open Shelves Ideas

bathroom shelves ideas

The homeowner has maximized the awkward wall space above her toilet for open shelves. She displays artificial flowers, bamboo baskets, framed artwork, plentiful towels, and a vase. The scented diffuser exhibits spa-like vibes.

4. Shelves for Small Bathroom

small bathroom shelf

In this bathroom, two pure white floating shelves can be seen in the corner. Shelves and walls blend seamlessly with each other. You can even fit in metal baskets and rattan storage to keep your bathroom decluttered and organized as well as functional.

5. Styling Bathroom Shelves

bathroom shelves ideas

Over the toilet sits an open shelving system made from reclaimed wood. Black piping supports them without letting them sag. On top of these shelves, vintage items and framed photographs were placed, creating an extremely farmhouse feel to the bathroom’s interior.

6. Recessed Bathroom Shelves

bathroom shelves ideas

The candle and potted plant make the tiny bathroom feel less like a cave. The shelves maximize every inch of space, so storage is efficient, as well. They also help keep the place tidy by encouraging an owner to organize their small essential collection.

7. Bathroom Shelving Ideas over Toilet

bathroom shelving ideas

Hexagonal and subway tiles blend a modern aesthetic with a more rustic vibe in this farmhouse bathroom. Thick nautical ropes suspend coordinating white shelves above the toilet, providing visual interest and an attractive contrast against the hexagon planks on the adjoining walls.

8. Bathroom Shelf Decor

bathroom shelf ideas

Reclaimed wood boards and metal brackets create a rustic farmhouse-inspired shelving unit. The shelving unit’s white backdrop makes the shelves stand out even more, allowing for wicker baskets or bathroom necessities to be stored here. A potted indoor plant adds a pop of color.

9. Bathroom Shelf Ideas Pinterest

bathroom shelf ideas

The white-painted walls fill the bathroom. Monochrome shelves, mounted on an otherwise barren wall, offer a minimalist aesthetic. They let grey towels, plain wood boxes stacked with soaps and body washes, as well as potted plants crowd in small corners of your eye’s focus.

10. Bathroom Shelves Home Depot

bathroom shelves ideas

White shelves with stainless steel brackets look fantastic against a grey backdrop. They create the appearance of an industrial feel. Vintage lanterns, ceramic pots, and birdcages sit elegantly on the shelves.

11. Wooden Bathroom Shelves

bathroom shelves ideas

The dark-toned repurposed wood shelves are used to display towels, perfumes, and bath essentials. They stand out as a warm addition to the sterilized environment. Stainless steel hooks keep towels off the cold flooring while viewers admire them from above.

12. Decorative Bathroom Shelving Ideas

bathroom shelving ideas

Some colors are more soothing to the mind than others. Colors such as light grey, cream, and white will help you feel at ease in your home. Meanwhile, metal brackets can be beautifully decorative while also being functional.

13. Narrow Bathroom Ladder Shelf

bathroom shelves bathroom

Small bathrooms can be a challenge, but this design has taken the best of what it offers. It features both a stool and a single shelf for storage. The white metal wood ladder shelves lean against a wall with two subtle colors that makes them extra stylish.

14. Glass Bathroom Shelf Ideas

bathroom shelf ideas

As you can see, the glass shelves hugging the corner of the bathing space hold towels and fancy perfumes. Though they seem airy at first glance, these shelves also exude an atmosphere rich with elegance.

15. Brushed Nickel Bathroom Shelving

bathroom shelving ideas

Grey walls create a background for brushed nickel shelves that make their way to the front. They keep things organized and allow guests in your space to feel the industrial charm.

16. Bathroom Shelves Walmart

bathroom wall shelves

Natural shades are a great way to create a peaceful and welcoming feel in your bathroom. Raw wood shelves add a fantastic contrast to the room. Black metal details on both sides of the shelves add a fabulous look. Indoor plants in containers provide vitality to the room.

17. Shower Bathroom Shelf Ideas

bathroom shelf ideas

This is a shower bathroom shelf ideas for your home. It is a simple and stylish shelf that you can add to your bathroom and it will look great. You can use this shelf for all your bathroom needs.

The picture above features a shelf made of one reclaimed wood board with stainless steel brackets. The black-framed artwork and blue storage box on the shelved area make for an exciting space.

18. Bathroom Shelves Design

bathroom shelves ideas

Although shelf space is limited, these open shelves are simple to arrange and can hold framed wall art, plants that you’ve watered up before heading out the door, an ornament or two, as well as some candles.

19. Shower Shelf with Hooks

diy bathroom shelf

Black wire baskets carry an overwhelmingly industrial flavor to the bathroom. However, their contrasting dark hues have a distinctive and refreshing look against the pale blue walls of this room.

The hooks on this beach bag can hold a yellow towel and some of your favorite fashion necklaces. The gold accents add an element of glamour to the design.

20. Bathroom Wall Shelf Unit

bathroom wall shelves

Whitewall is ideal for a bathroom because it makes all the other decorations stand out. It also gives the room a warm feel and allows for functionality.

Perfumes, a decorative succulent plant in a pot, and some shatter-proof glass jars with cleaner products are left out on the shelf. This is because they give the bathroom space color.

21. Bathroom Wall Shelf with Baskets

bathroom wall shelves

The pale grey color adds to the calmness of a room. The subtle contrast from the dark wall and white shelves adds drama and flair.

Moreover, the shelf proudly features black faucet hooks. Wicker baskets can store small items comfortably out of sight. Decorative wooden balls and a gold towel ring are also available in this room.

22. Bathroom Shelf Ideas above Toilet

bathroom shelf ideas

In this space, the shelves and backdrop are very similar colors. They produce a harmonious look that feels light and airy like it has depth. The blue toothbrush, cream soap, and hand washes seem to be suspended in the air as they hang from an almost invisible wire.

23. Rustic Wooden Shelves for Bathroom

bathroom shelves bathroom

The shelves are made from distressed wood and painted a light blue color. A metal towel bar is mounted on the wall, and an exposed stainless steel cable hangs stalactites-like in front of the shelf, suspending what appear to be rows of rustic baskets for towels or washcloths.

24. Industrial Shelf with Towel Bar

small bathroom shelf

This bathroom features a light grey backdrop that compliments black, steel, and glass shelves. Purple towels are stacked on the shelf, with toiletries stored within an open cabinet below. A chrome towel rack provides extra hanging space for overflow items.

25. Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

bathroom shelf ideas

A narrow, rectangular shelf comes in white and is attached to the wall. It also features a few cleaning supplies on display, which nicely complement the backdrop of a large mirror that takes up one entire side of the room. Together, these elements make it feel bigger.

26. Bathroom Wall Shelves Ideas

bathroom wall shelves

This white tiled wall is a clean, crisp background. It contrasts the sleek metallic shelving and glass containers up against it. The transparent shelves built-in give you easy access to your beauty essentials no matter where they are stored on the shelf.

27. Bathroom Shelves for Towels

bathroom shelves ideas

To create an impressive bathroom, use white single wall shelves and brackets to enlarge the small bathroom. White shelves and the bathroom door and backdrop will make it easy for the homeowner to grab her towels and bath necessities.

These bathroom shelf ideas are great for emptying your brain to make room for new creative juices. Implement any of these in your bathroom. I guarantee that you will be organized, chic and appealing soon, too.

28. Wall Shelves Above the Bathroom Door

bathroom wall shelves

In life, there are a few conveniences that make our everyday lives easier. For example, I typically forget about step stools for higher places and shelves above doors in typical situations.

One day I looked around my house, trying unsuccessfully to find where an extra set of sheets were hiding (I swear they’re all in the linen closet!). Then it occurred to me that such simple solutions are available within reach, so there was no need to resort to such more sophisticated products.

All you need for this solution is a few brackets or screws and a hook to attach them to the top of your doorframe. Your front-door storage space will be ready in no time without taking up any floor space inside our home or having people see an ugly thing when they come by during the day.

29. Clear Floating Wall Shelves

bathroom wall shelves

While maintaining an orderly look, clear floating shelves are a great way to show off some of your most prized possessions. They are just as valid for makeup storage, jewelry boxes, or any other small items you need on-hand but don’t want to clutter up the rest of your space as they are for more oversized items.

30. Bathroom Wall Shelves Above The Toilet

bathroom wall shelves

The toilet provides an excellent opportunity for extra storage, whether it be shelving or wall-mounted cabinets. The shelves above the toilet are not just space savers but also enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

31. Open Bathroom Shelf Ideas

bathroom shelf ideas

Bathroom shelves that are open and facing away from the toilet area can allow for your bathroom to be more orderly, as they won’t drag on the floor or interfere with opening the door.

If your shampoo bottles and other toiletries are scattered across the bathroom floor during your morning routine, worry no more! With our genius shelf liner design, you can carefully slide them off when it’s time for cleanup.

32. Industrial Pipe Bathroom Wall Shelves

bathroom wall shelves

These rustic farm-themed bathroom wall shelves are ideal for anyone wishing to decorate their bathroom in the rustic style. They come in dark wood and industrial pipes, making them solid and sturdy and adding that natural touch.

33. Clever Nooks Wall Shelves

bathroom wall shelves

With these clever shelves, you can keep all the necessary supplies within reach in your bathroom, saving you from having a cluttered and messy space. In addition, the shelf is not only super convenient but also keeps you from running out of toilet paper again!

34. Unique Ladder Towel Rack

diy bathroom shelf

Hanging towels on the wall is a novel way to use more space in your bathroom and have them immediately ready for use. This bath-friendly ladder takes up less room than other ladders with an innovative design, perfect for those who want something outside the box.

35. Under-the-Sink Shelf

bathroom storage ideas

A floating sink takes up space that would otherwise be unused and can be used as both a place to store things and decoration. In addition, a shelf on top of the sink creates valuable storage in plain sight without cluttering your countertops with bottles, soaps, or other bathroom essentials.

If you need bathroom shelf ideas, you’ll want to make sure you choose shelving that will match the items you place on it. For example, if you plan to store beauty products, you might want to find shelving made of glass or mirrored surfaces.

This way, the shelving itself can double as a sort of decorative piece that you can use. If you’re looking for shelving that will match up to other bathroom decors, you can choose shelving with a wood finish or wood structure. This will match well with wooden cabinets or wooden walls!

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