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22 Breathtaking Bathroom Shower Ideas You Need to Copy

Bathroom shower ideas will help you stylishly design your bathroom. Bathroom showers will be the focal point of any bathroom, but you need to consider a few things before designing.

The shower provides a design opportunity that benefits anyone looking to maximize their available space. It can be made more user-friendly, and the multifunctional shower head is an option for those looking for elegance in this bathroom fixture.

Are you looking for bathroom shower ideas? These fresh ideas will help get you started. Whether looking to make a minimalist shower or explore an Asian-inspired style, these latest decors are sure to impress.

1. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

sliding shower door

This sleek bathroom features sliding glass doors. They enable a continuous transition between the toilet and shower, saving valuable space and creating an airy feel in this elegant bathroom.

The wooden bench with a shelf adds a welcome touch of warmth to this space. Thin subway wall tiles and a short curtain focus on the small window. If you have a small space for a bathroom, here are some exciting bathroom window ideas that might work for you.

2. Shower Tile Patterns

bathroom shower tile

White subway tiles are used in a running bond pattern on the shower walls, providing the room with additional brightness. We selected these tiles for their contemporary aesthetic and ability to make this space look larger and brighter.

The bathroom now has feature tiles artfully placed on the floor. These tiles not only provide a focal point but help to keep you and your guests warm while in the bathroom.

3. Corner Bathroom Shower Ideas

bathroom shower ideas

White walls and grey floors offer a tranquil atmosphere. A floating vanity with drawers shows off the natural beauty of a wooden top and potted plant on a side table nearby. Check out the new and different bathroom vanities that you can use to get inspired for your own bathroom.

A corner shower transforms the already small bathroom into a refreshing and more extensive personal oasis in which glass panels and white walls convey an open feeling. Stainless steel accents evoke industrial minimalism.

4. Modern Shower Designs

shower design ideas

The glass-enclosed corner shower room is spacious and airy. Larger floor tiles appear even more extensive while simultaneously providing more grip.

The modern design offers simple lines and sharp edges. In contrast, the wood vanity and floor mat create a welcoming ambience.

5. Shower Designs with Bench

shower design ideas

The homeowners mixed different styles and patterns of tiles in their bathrooms. The shower area is outfitted with Arabesque and subway tiles and two built-in benches that offer maximum comfort.

Chevron-patterned tub surrounds add interest to the tile work. Meanwhile, a wall niche accommodates all of your bathroom necessities while offering much more storage space than a traditional cabinets and doorways version.

6. Shower Lighting Options

bathroom shower ideas

Charcoal hexagon tiles cover the floor, accent wall, and recessed shelf. They accompany windows on all three divisions of the room, lending it a feeling of depth as well as a drama-instant vibe.

Downlights brighten the room and provide overhead illumination. LED strip lighting meanders along the surface to cast light below, resulting in plant life seeming alive with energy.

7. Custom Shower Doors

sliding shower door

The white colour palette and wood floor contribute to a bright bathroom space. Bright whites are easier on the eyes, giving it a homey vibe.

One interesting outdoor feature for the shower is sliding glass doors that help prevent inside space from becoming cramped. Another interesting design choice is the circular ring-style handle, which creates a modern aesthetic.

8. Shower Head Design

shower design ideas

Dark-toned wall tiles contribute to the walk-in shower’s peaceful setting. The contrast with the white ceiling leaves a lasting impression on any guest entering the bathroom.

Curved shower fixtures are futuristic additions to any bathroom. They provide a balance between modern and soothing elements and comfort to anyone using the facilities.

9. Framed Shower Door

sliding shower door

The unfinished wood floor and pastel orange subway tiled walls of this bathroom combine to create an atmosphere of tranquillity. Blue pops are refreshing and juxtapose the warmer colour scheme.

A corner shower is provided with a glass door and a panel framed by white metal frames. The polished, modern touch they offer is perfect for the trend-conscious homeowner.

10. Ceramic Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile ideas

Glazed ceramic subway tiling is available in light colours such as white. It’s used around the shower area to create a wonderfully polished look.

A mosaic of penny floor tiles creates dimension in the room. Built-in marble benches add unmatched luxury to space, and towel bars provide a convenient place to store things.

11. Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile ideas

Ceramic tiles covering the shower walls create a wood-like appearance. In a snap, they make any area feel warm and inviting.

River stones bring the beauty of nature into your yard, making you feel closer to Mother Nature. They also have decorative value and boldness by creating textural contrast.

12. Unique Shower Curtain

shower design ideas

This shower resembles a Japanese-inspired bathhouse, with exposed beams and shiplap walls for a feeling of rejuvenation.

The wooden floor, tub that is a bit too big for its surroundings, features an image of a sunken boat in the ocean, and a window with blinds lead to this tranquil bathroom. White curtains offer privacy when needed.

13. Shower Wall Design

shower design ideas

The dark grey finish on the walls and stainless steel fixtures create an industrial aesthetic in this bathroom. Towels are kept off the floor with a wall-mounted rack and hook.

Tile white clay square tiles to create a chic and impressive accent shower wall. The frosted glass panels add an elegant touch.

14. Walk-in Showers with Seat

bathroom shower tile

With the Carrara marble tiles, this shower is lit beautifully. They are intricate with their grey vine patterns that raise the room’s beauty.

The built-in seating area is the perfect addition to a spa-like bathroom. It gives you somewhere comfortable and warm to sit as you glass up to your shower’s tiles.

15. Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

bathroom shower tile

A stone floor and wall design give the bathroom a harmonious feel. The dividing wall separates the shower from the bath area.

Furthermore, the doorless shower in this bathroom is open and airy. You can appreciate the next level design with a thermostatic rainfall shower system and double showerheads.

16. DIY Bathroom Shower Ideas

bathroom shower ideas

Frameless glass panes make the shower appear more prominent, while the white tiles trick your eye. DIY shelves and benches take up minimally space on the floor.

Shower rooms are bright and spacious, with a large window for natural light to penetrate. Yellow rubber ducks and indoor plants provide a home-like atmosphere.

17. Built-In Shower Storage Ideas

shower tile ideas

This bathroom lives up to its hype. More commonly found in showers, its white and grey marble tiles add breathtaking luxury to space.

There are shelves in the bathroom that can hold bath items. Extra towels and bedding are also kept in the store. Check out these cool bathroom shelves that will make your bathroom look incredible.

18. Walk-in Shower Floor Options

shower design ideas

Windows lining the shower walls offer a remarkable view of life outside. Cream-coloured porcelain floors let you quickly soak in the tub without concern for getting down onto cold, hard tiles. Black fixtures give an old-timey feel to this bathroom space.

19. Small Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile ideas

If you have a small shower room, try lining the walls with rectangular tiles in light grey to feel larger visually. Consider installing a rainfall showerhead and drop-in tub to enjoy an immersive bath experience.

20. White Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile ideas

This small-scale shower room features white subway tiles. They create an expansive feeling visually and help enlarge the space.

On the flip side, blue mosaic tiles and patterned flooring catch your eye. Additionally, houseplants give off a nice fresh feeling.

21. Shower Door Ideas

sliding shower door

The bathroom in this picture is lit with natural light. The skylight and window provide a bright prospect to space, featuring sliding glass shower doors that add industrial chic.

22. Lighting Bathroom Shower Ideas

shower design ideas

This spa-themed bathroom features a wide variety of lighting options. Square LED track lights highlight the shower area, and downlights provide ambient light in and out of the shower space. The sconces cast an inspiring glow on either side of the mirror after grooming sessions or tooth brushing.

Here are some awesome bathroom shower ideas to make it feel like home. Remember when purchasing materials that they need to be high quality to live your dream for many years. Are you prepared to turn your vision into a reality?

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