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25 Creative Bathroom Sign Ideas That’ll Impress You

If you have been neglecting the bathroom in your home, now is the time to make some significant improvements. Here are eight fabulous bathroom sign ideas that will give new life to this important room.

This list offers several decorating ideas for your room to give it the best atmosphere possible. One fun idea is installing signs that will bring your dorm room some appeal.

Adding a cute sign is the perfect way to make a small bathroom feel bigger. It could be a fun addition that only takes a few minutes, but it has the potential to give visitors a little laugh while making the bathroom feel bigger.

When you buy signs for the bathroom, consider getting them from Etsy. The sellers offer high-quality handmade options, and they are also customizable.

Furthermore, these pieces will make your home stand out. Not only does that benefit talented artists, but it also helps you have a unique style you can call your own.

1. Natural Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

This unit is perfect if you’re searching for elegant bathroom sign ideas. The intricate figures display timeless charm, while the sturdy wood construction will provide you with reliable rustic farmhouse appeal.

The wall art in this bathroom is handmade, which gives it a unique look not found in an ordinary print. Furthermore, the product comes in various sizes and color combinations. Choose one that fits your needs for interior design.

2. Bathroom Sign on a Wood Step Stool

bathroom decor signs

Do you have small children? If so, we suggest this decorative piece for your bathroom. It is a perfect complement to your bathing space and will be the finishing touch of any remodeling project.

Your toddler can use the wooden step stool to reach the bathroom sink with its support. It also serves as a daily reminder by serving dual duty as a sign instructing them how to do their morning routine.

3. Bathroom Sign Ideas with Wooden Wall Hooks

bathroom sign ideas

These wood wall hooks give the bathroom an effortlessly personalized feeling, not to mention they’re efficient and attractive. Mount them on the wall near the toilet if desired.

In addition, the natural wood custom signs have stunning white lettering that will add some rustic appeal to the bathroom in a matter of minutes. They work as towel hangers too, and should be purchased for every family member.

4. Word Search Sign for Bathroom

bathroom wall decor

Some people check out their social media accounts on the toilet. But, they sometimes run low on battery or forget their phones there, which is no fun. So, we have a word search for our bathrooms that occupies time more excitingly.

This sign is excellent for your bathroom because it gives family members or friends something to look at while they’re in there. The unfinished wood frame lends a rustic feel that many people want in their country-style home.

5. Hanging Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

These three pack of bath time signs read “Splish, Splash, and Take a Bath.” Handpainted on distressed white backgrounds, the black lettering embellishes with liquid drip design elements that add a rustic/shabby chic touch to your bathroom.

The phrase “please don’t blame it on the cat” is crafted to be a playful reminder for kids in the bathroom. However, this decor also looks appropriate in an adults’ home. The cord hanger will make displaying easy for anyone and everyone–no need to hammer nails into the wall or hang with string.

6. French Country Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom decor signs

This sign is a perfect item for decoration. It instantly delivers a sense of genuinely French country style to your bath, and it will make all but the most frequent guests feel like they were in Paris or Lyon.

The hanging sign is given a chic monochrome color palette and an ornate metal bracket, with elegant lettering using white paint that contributes to its cozy and classy look.

7. Romantic Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

A sincere compliment from one’s spouse is always welcome, and this bathroom sign set expresses that sentiment beautifully. The signs read “Hello handsome” for men, while women are greeted with “Good morning beautiful.”

Furthermore, he went the extra mile to paint his sculptures with a gorgeous script that contrasts against the natural wood frame. It gives the appearance of simplicity while still being striking.

8. Bathroom Sign in Black and White

bathroom decor signs

If you’re looking for some modern bathroom sign ideas, this excellent decor piece is for you. It’s a bathtub that encourages you to take a long soak after a rough day. With a touch of technology, it transforms the space into a personal retreat.

This minimalistic bathroom wall art will create a serene environment in your bathroom. Furthermore, it looks stylish and trendy, thanks to the white background and the black font. Meanwhile, the fonts used to give the item a lot of personalities.

9. Pink Canvas Art As Bathroom Sign

cute bathroom signs

If your little mermaids grow tired of the standard pink-and-blue bathtub, all they need is this eye-catching piece to make their bathing space unique. Its shiny gold lettering and ombre background are just the perfect accents for bathroom decor.

Furthermore, this eye-catching sign reads, “dream big little mermaid.” The unit is durable and easy to mount because of the pleasant canvas.

We recommend adding this item to a nautical-themed kid’s bedroom or bathroom.

10. Wooden Block Art for Bathroom

wood wall decor

The wooden block art with its adorable design is the perfect addition to any rustic-themed room. Display the chunky bathroom sign on top of a vanity, ledge near a bathtub, or floating shelf for maximum versatility.

A tiny wooden sign reads, “save water by taking a shower together.” A wide variety of lettering and distressed paint color combinations are available, enabling block art to be customized to meet customers’ tastes and preferences.

11. Funny Bathroom Sign Ideas

funny bathroom signs

These large personalized signs are hilarious. Additionally, they allow other people to know the restroom rules you follow for your guests.

This rustic wooden sign with faded black paint will give your bathroom a quick makeover. It features witty, handpainted lettering that appeals to the occupants of your room.

Furthermore, you could personalize this wooden sign by writing your name. Doing so will add a sense of personality to the functional and beautiful space.

12. Chalkboard Bathroom Sign

farmhouse bathroom sign

This sweet outdoor shower sign lends a sense of country sophistication to your bathing space. The distinct white lettering and black background give it an old-fashioned chalkboard appearance. On top of that, the rustic decor looks both welcoming and charming.

Moreover, the chalkboard sign made from soap is a creative way to show kids their daily routine. We suggest mounting it over the sink so they can see it and always remember what needs to be done.

13. Bathroom Sign Ideas with Wall Decal

bathroom sign ideas

If you have a goofy side, share it with this creative wall decal with your bathroom decor. Additionally, the decal will make for both an enjoyable and fabulous experience.

Users usually have to take their pants down when going to the bathroom. It is for that reason why people will laugh upon seeing this decal.

Moreover, this wall decal can be used as an attractive wall sign. It can be easily installed and does not take up much space. Additionally, it is easy to install and increases the laughter in your washroom at any time of day.

14. His and Hers Humorous Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

Are you trying to find a unique way to decorate your bathroom? Try this as the finishing touch on your shower curtain. It is stylish and funny while also keeping you prepared for any emergency!

These handmade signs include two small icons modeled after traditional wooden signs. It shows that your visitors sometimes have to hold their pee.

In addition, the distressed wood sign’s look carves a rustic and farmhouse feel effortless. If you want something more classic, choose a solid bright white color.

15. Bathroom Sign with Pirate and Mermaid Theme

farmhouse bathroom decor

The idea of a bathroom sign is undoubtedly a cute one. Not only are the decals pretty and practical, but they also have an adorable design to them that will make your day more cheerful.

These wall decorations will look great in any bathroom, but they shine in a children’s bathroom. They also motivate kids to enjoy their bath time.

Furthermore, the nautical characters and text on colorful surfaces give this space a touch of fantasy. At the same time, they develop an enjoyable atmosphere.

16. Hilarious Bathroom Sign Ideas

farmhouse bathroom sign

You always seem to find used tissues hanging out in the bathroom. We know it’s frustrating! Add this funny wall art for all family members to use, which way, you’ll never run out of tissue again.

Furthermore, the rustic charm of this handcrafted sign makes it look perfect for any rustic bathroom. The black wood frame lends a cozy and charming ambiance to the space.

Bathroom paint has a wide selection of colors, designs, and styles to select from. Choose the color that best complements your bathroom.

17. Farmhouse Bathroom Sign Ideas

farmhouse bathroom sign

This “flush” bathroom sign is so simple. We love how it has a simple design that reminds your forgetful spouse or child to do their part. The unit helps keep the shower in great shape.

Plus, the monochrome color scheme features wood in a modern-primitive style. The high-quality material means this wall art is perfect for your farmhouse-themed bathroom.

18. Bathroom Signs in Wooden Blocks

wood wall decor

You can unleash your inner silliness with these wooden block signs. Although the pieces are small, it is recommended to incorporate both of them into the bathroom.

The people’s icons are iconic, but the way they jump onto their cloud just before it floats away is humorous.

In addition, the lower shelf of the bathroom displays a fun sign. Have a pleasant poop, says the sign. You are sure to receive hearty laughter from your visitors thanks to these decor items.

19. Hand Lettered Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

This sign is just the thing to bring a minor character and warmth into your bathroom. It reads, “wash your hands,” and this incredible piece of handcrafted decor will provide a positive message for everyone as they enter college!

The sign is decorated with a plain pine frame and decorative font. There is a distinct difference from anything I have seen on this street before.

This hand-written sign more or less urges visitors of a home to maintain good hygiene. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it effectively blends modern and rustic characteristics to work regardless of the bathroom style.

20. Wood Block Wall Signs for Bathroom

wood wall decor

We love these wooden block bathroom signs. They associate with a cozy atmosphere and an outdoorsy vibe. You can hang the sign set over the toilet if your area is limited.

Pure white text on unpainted wooden blocks gives these bathroom sign decorations a minimalist chic look perfect for an Instagrammable decor style.

Furthermore, they form a one-of-a-kind dental hygiene routine. The pieces remind everyone of the importance of brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and flossing.

21. Sign Set for Farmhouse Bathroom

farmhouse bathroom decor

It is one of the most adorable bathroom sign ideas available. These two rustic wall signs will quickly infuse a farmhouse vibe into your interior decor.

Jute accents and knots, reclaimed wood slats, and distressed paint all work together to make the space inviting.

There are various color combinations, so be sure to buy the one that matches your bathroom decor. These signs are high quality and easy to mount. Having these signs around is a necessity for someone who has children.

22. Bathroom Door Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

You are often in a bathroom with a company, so displaying this sign is an excellent idea. The unit ensures your guest knows where they’re going and prevents any awkward moments from happening due to confusion or ignorance.

The bathroom sign is chic as well as elegant. Furthermore, its oblong shape makes it feel unique. Meanwhile, the contrast of black text against the white background pops out from a distance.

Take a look at these fun and unique bathroom door designs that you’ll want to see.

23. Bathroom Sign Made Of Wooden Boxes

cute bathroom signs

This poplar wood bathroom box is a great way to stay on trend with a clean, sleek bathroom design. As the photo shows, it even looks hilarious. It also has many small shelves for accommodating different sizes of bath products.

Guests will be delighted to receive this special gift from the wooden box. The distressed paint gives it a farmhouse or shabby chic look, and it is perfect for the bathroom of either style.

24. Fresh Soap Sign for Bathroom

bathroom decor signs

Are you interested in farmhouse-themed bathroom decor ideas? This wall decoration is perfect for any homeowner who wants to bring a cozy vibe to their interior.

The lettering and leaf detail on this sign evoke a sense of nostalgia. The occupants will feel welcome, and the lovely detail is an aesthetic quality that adds to the visual appeal.

25. Vinyl Wall Decal As Bathroom Sign

cute bathroom signs

No matter your mood, you’re bound to find this bathroom wall decal uplifting. You can install it in a snap and be on your way to shake off any negative feelings in minutes.

This wall decal reads, “wear a smile.” We suggest adding it to the children’s bathroom to show how much you care about your loved ones.

This decal is perfect for any bathroom, but it can be incredibly comforting to display in your master bath.

26. Outkast Inspired Bathroom Sign Ideas

bathroom sign ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom decor, this wall art is ideal. This picture includes the lyric of the Outkast song, and it’s an attractive piece. It’s a perfect fit for the bathroom, adding personality.

Moreover, this wall design features a natural wood frame and a clean monochrome color palette. It creates an instantly cozy atmosphere.

With these eight-bathroom sign ideas, your bathroom can be anything you want it to be. If you wish to go with a statement decoration or keep things simple, the choice is yours.

Use one of these bathroom sign ideas to match your style, budget, and home decor. When you search online, you can find all sorts of bathroom sign ideas, but this article will discuss some types and what makes them unique.

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