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31 Amazing Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas You Should Copy

Many people only consider sanitary facilities when thinking about their bathing spaces. But, towels deserve a proper home as well. With these clever bathroom towel storage ideas, you can make your towels look tidy.

Bathroom towels are one of the most important things in the average person’s daily life. You can make your bathroom more inviting and functional by integrating bathroom towels into it. Don’t worry, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or space.

One of the least glamorous aspects of being a homeowner is ensuring that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing. By displaying towels in creative ways, cleaning will take less time and effort. Here are some great ideas!

1. Unique Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

bathroom towel storage ideas

Have an old galvanized metal washtub or a large flowerpot lying around? Please don’t throw it out. You can quickly transform it into a rustic towel holder for your bathroom. It takes no time at all and costs very little money!

Add two matching whitewashed shelves to the washtub, and now you have a space for storing towels. Three bars below the shelves are perfect for hanging up your bathing suit while showering or getting dressed after playing outside in the mud.

2. Old Wardrobe Towel Storage

bathroom towel storage

Your old metal wardrobe could be used for many purposes, but giving it the extra hats as a towel holder seems like it would work out best. Upcycling old items will help you save money in the long run!

You could place a few wicker storage baskets on the top shelf. Also, you might want to display family pictures and other decorative items on the back of your wardrobe. Collectively this should give your bathroom some much-needed personality.

3. Barber’s Cabinet for Storing Towels

towel storage bathroom

This black barber’s cabinet is used to hold your towel and store items in the bathroom. It hangs from the wall above the toilet, maximizing the available bathroom space.

Furthermore, the black cabinet includes a small drawer for storing small items. In addition to adding a vintage look to your bathroom, this also has a dramatic effect. Well, this is an excellent idea for bathroom towel storage.

4. Bathroom Towel Storage with Bicycle Basket

bathroom towel storage

The homeowner painted her weathered bicycle basket and converted it into a towel holder, hanging securely on the wall. The item’s metal rods look great against the white shiplap wall.

One of the best solutions for storing bathroom tissue is this bicycle basket. Not only is it affordable and space-saving, but it also gives an attractive rustic feel to a room.

5. Hanging Wicker Towel Baskets

towel storage ideas

Many bathroom storage hacks are available to those in a smaller home. For instance, these wicker baskets above the toilet can be mounted from largest to smallest.

These tiered wicker baskets handle rolled towels of different sizes, something that has the potential to be quite messy in other configurations. They also give the bathing space a farmhouse feel instantly.

6. Wooden Ladder Towel Rack Ideas

towel storage ideas

If you possess a wooden workman’s ladder, turn it into a charming towel rack. In this case, the towel rack is stationed on the toilet tank; furthermore, the unit elegantly leans against the wall.

This dark-toned towel rack provides a welcoming mood while holding bulky towels. Floor space is not consumed as it hangs from the ceiling.

7. Recessed Bathroom Towel Niche

bathroom towel storage

When you are thinking of small storage ideas for a bathroom, be sure to consider a recessed niche. They look great and help save some valuable floor space.

While the rest of the room comprises hardwood floors, one corner boasts unfinished wood shelves. They display ornamental pieces and towels, which contribute to a soothing environment for those using the space.

8. Brown Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

bathroom towel storage ideas

This bathroom features a lovely wicker basket. It is used as complete decoration and sits on the floor next to the toilet for easy access. The item holds rolled brown towels and white ones, too.

Furthermore, this wicker basket brings a French provincial charm to the bathroom. The unit’s design is functional, and it looks gorgeous. It also fills up the interior with some natural elements that make you feel like you are in nature.

9. Hand Towel Storage Ideas

towel storage ideas

Take inspiration from this bathroom in a Manhattan hotel. Rather than hang towels on the towel rack, this setup creates space for a modern industrial vibe with its metal arm and contrasting black towel ring.

Furthermore, this metal stand can support two towels. It also looks great on the bathroom countertop. In addition, this stainless steel item makes space feel more spacious and comfortable.

10. Repurposed Window Towel Rack

towel storage bathroom

This is one of the best small bathroom towel storage ideas. The homeowner transformed her country window into a shabby chic rack. It can hold up to four large towels.

The old window towel rack saves space and adds a helpful touch. Faux greenery on the frame in the bathroom instantly adds a bit of life to the scene, while two black-framed wall hangings complete this relaxing bathroom.

11. Built-In Bathroom Towel Holders

bathroom towel storage

Placing a storage area by the toilet in your small bathroom will allow more space without taking away from the other fixtures or amenities. The shelves offer room to display all of your towels neatly, so you can find them easily when needed.

Recessed towel shelves make vibrant towels the focal point of your bathroom. They maintain the room’s light and airy feeling by hiding these bath accessories in a wall niche. This storage trick allows you to maximize valuable space for other things!

12. Bathroom Towel Storage with Office Baskets

bathroom towel storage

We are genuinely in love with our newly renovated bathroom. With dark wood, multi-sized office baskets, and a ladder towel stand that only takes up floor space, not to mention the luxurious wear this bathroom gives off, and It is sure to be your favorite too.

This vintage-styled bathroom is enhanced by the metal baskets that line its walls. The baskets are lined up high and low to give the room its sense of depth, and they complement the antique gold mirror that hangs over the marble vanity top. White towels contrast nicely against both colors in this sophisticated bathroom space!

13. Railway Crates Bathroom Towel Storage

bathroom towel storage

This homeowner recycled a few railway poultry crates into a freestanding shelving unit for their bathroom. The ingenuity of this design effortlessly delivers a homey feel and rustic ambiance to the bathing space.

This handmade shelving unit has white, and grey folded towels on the top two shelves and a wicker basket on the bottom shelf. Three storage bins are also used for storing bath products.

14. Towel Rack in French Country Style

towel storage ideas

Considering affordable and beautiful bathroom towel storage ideas, consider adding a small towel rack to your bathroom. The ornate scrollwork provides an aesthetically pleasing look and keeps towels organized.

In addition, the towel rack provides a shabby chic flair to the bathroom. This vintage find complements all decor styles and can be placed on shelves or vanity tops for an eye-catching focal point.

15. Towel Racks Inspired By A Ship’s Deck

towel storage ideas

It is one of the bathroom towel storage ideas to be applied if you are interested in rustic pieces.

This ship’s deck block-inspired shelf is complemented by a patterned box, towels, glass jars, and decorative items. It is a small but highly functional piece.

Even more, the wooden shelves make towels and other pieces of clothing stand out. This clever corner stand is located within the bathroom.

The white beadboard panels contrast nicely with the furnishings inside the room, maximizing space and bringing in an outdoors feel.

16. Wood and Rope Towel Display

towel storage bathroom

This towel rack reminds us of a treehouse ladder. Hanging it on your bathroom door has the benefit of saving floor space that you can use for something else.

Furthermore, you can make this simple towel display yourself using natural jute rope, tree branches, or wooden sticks. It is effortless to assemble.

In this situation, the treehouse ladder can function as a towel rack. The holder is visually pleasing and functional at once.

17. Old Chair Bathroom Towel Storage

bathroom towel storage

The homeowner’s recycling project turned her old French country dining chair into a charming towel holder. By adding three hooks for hanging towels, the unit takes on an air of timeless elegance.

Whether you are looking for a towel hanger or a decorative accent in your bathroom, this whitewashed wall-mounted chair provides both. The faux red flowers add vibrant color to the room without distracting from other decor areas.

18. Wooden Wash Basket Towel Organizer

storage ideas bathroom

You can save money, as a Western-style wash basket is usually cheaper than the other bathroom organizers on the market. It also holds towels well and has more room to accommodate bulky pillows so that you won’t need two units.

The bath towel holder also services like a laundry hamper and offers rustic charm in the bathroom. It features embroidered flowers with plastic ribbons on the left side of it.

Furthermore, small faux plants and white ribbons titivate tissue rolls. Their nests are located on the toilet tank.

19. Open Shelving Bathroom Towel Storage

bathroom towel storage

Is your home small? And do you want to make your bathroom feel more extensive and more open? Try this towel storage solution. Wooden shelves are made with a strong material that blends well with any decor.

Furthermore, the open shelving fits in nicely with a farmhouse-style bathroom. When mounted on a white shiplap wall above the bathtub, it provides quick and easy access to all necessities.

The pieces in this set can hold various items varying from towels, glass containers, wicker baskets to decorations.

20. Traditional Bathroom Towel Storage

bathroom towel storage

The dark wood shelving unit featured here can be used as a budget-friendly bathroom décor solution. The open shelves display clean and dirty white towels, with space in between for folded towels to dry.

In addition, this shelving unit is a classic example of modern design. It sports clean lines and sharp edges, perfect for contemporary bathrooms.

The bookshelf is tall and narrow, holding many objects without taking up too much floor space. Meanwhile, the rectangular dish spans coastal-themed small containers.

Get inspired by this list of interesting bathroom shelf ideas that you’ll want to see.

21. Metal and Wood Towel Bar

towel storage bathroom

This vertical towel rack is perfect for apartments and smaller homes. Even though the unit occupies little space, it can hold up to three towels at a time. The department also prevents visual clutter from accumulating too quickly.

To add an industrial appeal to your bathroom, try installing this plumbing and wood towel bar. Not only does it carry a vintage charm, but it also comes backed with everything needed for assembly.

22. Seaside Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

bathroom towel storage

A shelving unit is one of the most popular ways to store terry cloth towels in a coastal home. It’s too heavy for fabric that must be used often, so it doesn’t require installation and provides adequate storage space.

The white and blue towels in a bathroom are an appealing alternative to softening the room with pale yellow or beige. The plastic baskets on the bottom shelf act as storage for small items while tying the whole space together.

23. Bookshelf Inspired Wooden Towel Rack

towel storage bathroom

This horizontal bookshelf-inspired towel rack is perfect for holding small and bulky towels. This design can also free up space in the bathroom by mounting the shelves over the toilet.

This towel rack employs five shelves that sit flush to the wall. The light-colored wood is juxtaposed against a striped wallpaper background, and towels in colors of blue, white, and brown add a seaside ambiance inside.

24. Individual Wooden Crate Shelves

towel storage ideas

Wooden crate shelves add rustic charm to a bathroom and brighten the space with their stark contrast. In this example, dark wood against the white walls makes an eye-catching accent.

One of the most attractive features is one wall in each unit that showcases bath products and towels in shades of grey.

A stainless steel towel holder is a suitable purchase for this bathroom. The black floor lends it masculinity and drama.

25. Toiletries and Towel Display Rack

towel storage ideas

You have a collection of weathered metal baskets and an old wooden ladder. Why not consider upcycling them into an original rack? It has personality for your bathroom without taking up too much space.

Further, this towel stand is positioned against the brown painted wall. It also has baskets of various sizes to store towels, bath products, magazines, and toilet paper rolls within.

The display rack is made of rustic material, matching a wicker plant holder and shabby chic picture frame. In the meantime, the sign is intended to remind you that the bathroom would be an ideal place for relaxation.

26. Bathroom Towel Storage with Golden Racks

bathroom towel storage

Organizing your bathroom to feel welcoming, comfortable, and functional without being overly tight will help you create a feeling of comfort and space when it is small.

Two metallic towel hooks are hanging on the back of the door in the example provided. You will be able to keep the towels off of the floor and create a luxurious atmosphere simultaneously.

In the grey-painted shelving unit near the door, wicker baskets can be stacked with towels and other decorative items. Therefore, your bathroom will remain clean and inviting, regardless of the amount of space you have.

27. Master Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

bathroom towel storage ideas

If you have a small bathroom, you will make full use of this glass towel bar. They can store several white towels at the same time. Additionally, the pieces are designed to create an airy feeling.

28. Bathroom Towel Storage Ladder Shelves

bathroom towel storage

Ladder shelves make for an elegant and practical storage solution in a small bathroom since they maximize space. The more comprehensive bottom level is perfect for more oversized items you frequently need, such as towels or toiletries. Upper levels are designed with thinner shelf widths, which are best suited to holding smaller objects like hand towels or candles on the top.

29. Etageres Open Towel and Linen Storage

towel storage bathroom

Open shelves are the best place to store extra towels and bed linens. You can keep your towels neatly folded on one shelf and fresh linens on another, and you’ll have plenty of room left for all your bathroom essentials, including shower soap, razors, and other necessities. A few ideas to make your open shelves look more organized are stacking baskets next to each other and keeping items separated and color-coded.

30. Open Vanity and Shelving Creates Space

storage ideas bathroom

A small space is not always an easy feat for an interior designer, but the open shelving and ladder shelf make it more adaptable to daily living. The sink is built right into a wall, giving you plenty of floor space for tasks.

31. Corner Shelves Maximize Space

towel storage bathroom

Corners might be among the most inconvenient areas in a room. However, corner shelves offer an opportunity to add functionality and style for those spots without purchasing additional furniture or wall art. While supplies are pricier than other materials, reclaimed pipes add a bold statement that works perfectly with our bathroom decor!

Moreover, the towel lockers are an excellent complement to your bathroom’s modern design. With those storage areas, your bathing area will appear organized and spacious.

A touch of spa sophistication graces the bathroom with these towels. They also bring a clean look and create a relaxed atmosphere on towel bars or toilet paper rolls.

The bathroom towel storage ideas you’ve been trying are worth a try. It’s time to transform yours into a private haven. Whether you opt for tiered baskets or hanging displays, make certain they complement the bathroom.

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