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22 Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Find the best bathroom vanity ideas to make your bathroom look better and more organized. Use these bathroom vanity ideas to give your bathroom an upgrade and make it more of a luxurious retreat.

There is no bathroom complete without a gorgeous Vanity Unit. It helps you get ready in the morning so you can have fun. Knowing how important it is, I’m showing you captivating bathroom Vanity ideas.

The materials, colors, and shapes of bathroom vanities vary drastically. Some people opt for a traditional vanity with decorations like rosettes or marble tops, while others enjoy the simplicity of a minimalist style.

1. Build Open Shelf Vanity

best bathroom vanity

This bathroom has enough space for two people. It features two sinks and a large mirror that they do not have to share, so there is no fighting over its turn to use the sink.

The vanity with a shelf that’s open on the top reminds people of an airy, spa-like feeling. Rolled towels and wicker boxes create this environment.

2. Cool Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas

In this cottage bathroom, you may notice an unusual vanity. It is made from a soapstone cow trough and topped with wood, which gives it a more modern look.

Furthermore, the mirror over the vanity gives a Barnhouse vibe to space. The whitewashed backdrop produces a shabby chic flair.

3. Antique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas

The distressed black vanity in the bathroom creates an appealing worn look. The drawer, the inset doors, and the metallic knobs all add to its distinct design.

The light-colored marble countertop in the room sends a message of luxury. Meanwhile, a black framed mirror balances things and adds cohesiveness to space.

4. White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas

It’s essential to consider the feel of space when you look for new cabinetry fixtures. This pure white bathroom vanity offers plenty of storage and leaves an open feeling, so your area feels more spacious.

The charcoal concrete countertop adds much-needed depth and character to this vanity. The sconces illuminate the bathroom so that it is brighter and more welcoming.

5. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

diy bathroom vanity

The minimalist look of the wall-mounted raw wood vanity employs wrought metal handles. In a flash, it brings the feel of modern farmhouse style to any bathroom.

In addition, the marble countertop provides space for arranging flowers in vases and storing bathroom necessities. The black towel ring stands out against the white wall.

6. White Corner Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom vanity

Even though space is tight, furniture doesn’t have to be limited. This white-painted corner vanity fits easily into the corner of your bathroom.

The more traditional appearance generated from the vanity legs, faucet, and cabinet hardware lends a sense of history to this space. The dark shag rug creates layers of texture that tie in with the countertop and basket and draws attention to some innovative features like the door-shaped mirror above the sink.

7. Vanity with Towel Bar

bathroom vanity designs

This beautifully styled bathroom vanity has a white cabinet on one side, while the other is lined in dark wood. A metal railing at the countertop edge provides space for towels and bath-related items, while an elongated mirror is mounted above it all.

A single shelf in the corner holds a hairbrush and some skincare products. Above that is a large vanity sink made of marble with a rectangular vessel sink installed below it. Square-cut white tiles are set into black walls, giving the bathroom a spacious space for its small size.

8. Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

beautiful bathroom vanity

The white color scheme in this small bathroom, along with the high ceilings, effectively makes it appear larger than it is. In addition to making bathing more pleasant, the brightness creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

The unfinished wood used on the floor mats and freestanding boards are reminiscent of the unfinished wood doors and drawers of the vanity, which can accommodate folded and rolled towels. Look at these interesting bathroom towels that you will want to see.

9. Freestanding Vanity Unit

best bathroom vanity

The wall’s tri-shade of brown and the laminate flooring give this space a homey feel. The freestanding wood vanity clarifies that this is the room’s focal point due to its rich tone.

The sink and faucet in the white kitchen develop a modern appeal. The fresh flowers add a pop of color to space quickly.

10. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas

If you have a small-sized bathroom, make it feel more significant with wood vanity. Hinges and handles made of iron give the bathroom that rustic look.

White countertops and vessel sinks help boost the attractiveness of the vanity. A mirror overhead reflects light into the room, helping to brighten things up.

11. L-Shaped Bathroom Vanity Home Depot

bathroom vanity designs

The L-shaped vanity anchored to the bathroom wall sheds light on its natural wood and grey color scheme. Meanwhile, the greenery adds a touch of life in an otherwise devoid of vegetation.

12. Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas

This modern bathroom features an intriguing mix of black and white, with elegant touches like wall-mounted vanity with streamlined stainless steel drawer, pulls in addition to a white basin.

13. Bathroom Vanity Ideas Pinterest

bathroom vanity ideas

Slimline vanities and framed mirrors create a serene setting for the modern bathroom. White tile floors and cream tiles on the walls make it feel spacious, while glass vessel sinks show off your home’s cleanliness in an elegant way.

14. Vanity Storage Drawers

bathroom vanity cabinet

This tranquil bathroom incorporates a variety of soft colors. Standing on the light grey floor is an all-black vanity with handles and drawers. It also has a cabinet tower that provides ample storage space.

15. Wall Hung Vanity Unit

bathroom vanity plans

There is a bathroom Vanity in this picture. The drawers do not have any hardware for a sleek look. The bathroom has a chrome rail that hangs the towel on it. A two-tone cabinet introduces a light-reflecting texture over the bathroom sink.

16. Melamine Bathroom Vanity

beautiful bathroom vanity

The glamorous interior features a marble countertop and subway-tile walls. White vanity with loads of drawers is the perfect home for all bath necessities, while a contrasting dark-wood floor provides an attractive backdrop.

17. Bathroom Vanity Ideas DIY

diy bathroom vanity

This vanity features an open shelf and drawer with iron pulls made from unpainted wood. The wooden vanity and mirror look outstanding in a muted color palette of white, beige, or grey. The faucet, apron-front sink, and wall sconces exude modern farmhouse charm.

18. Barrel Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom vanity

A large concrete slab dominates the room, with the wall covered in beautiful square marble tiles. The wood and brick barrel has been transformed into a charming bath vanity and, with a bit of paint, can work wonders to a drab bathroom.

19. Making Drawers for Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity designs

Gray tiles on the floor allow the whiteness of this white vanity to be the center of attention. The two sinks and multi-tone countertops come in handy for storage, while clear drawers are conducive for organizing and accessing your essentials.

20. Floating Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity designs

A handleless floating vanity in thick, natural white wood gives the bathroom an ultra-modern aesthetic, and it’s perfectly complemented with a matching countertop, stainless steel faucets, and a complimentary vessel sink.

21. Double Sink Vanity Sizes

bathroom vanity cabinet

It is essential to maintain a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom using muted tones. Thanks to the shag rug and curtains, the space is cozy and comfortable.

Light pastel taupe paint lets the black vanities catch your eye. The bathroom cabinets offer some depth to the room, too. Black-framed mirrors in white frames contrast nicely with this color palette, as rectangular bath sinks in stark white.

22. Cheap Bathroom Vanity

diy bathroom vanity

If you want a sleek bathroom with a minimalistic feel, then this is the solution you need. This reclaimed wood vanity is equally inexpensive and beautiful. It’s paired with iron drawer pulls.

The white sinks and the reflective, stainless steel faucets create visual and textural contrast. The wooden framed mirrors provide a sense of openness that makes the bathroom seem more significant than it is.

I hope this list of bathroom vanity ideas can help you change the design from your previous model. It may be time-consuming to pick a great unit, but it will pay off in the end.

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