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20 Best Boys Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Design

Find boys bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom the best place in the house. We have some of the best boy’s bathrooms on the web to inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Designing a bath area for your children can be tricky when only considering their ideas. To make this process easier, take some time to view the best appropriate boy’s bathroom ideas.

One of the best ways to make your bath experience unique for younger boys is by creating one of these cool bathrooms. In addition, you’ll have another bathing space that will allow them to host their male cousins.

When it comes to teaching little boys their bathroom habits, the difficulty lies in their nature. Despite your efforts to create simple rules, they will likely not clean up the mess as soon as possible.

Your bathing space can quickly look like a zoo if you don’t clean things up every day. However, some key ways allow parents to keep their children’s privacy and hygiene in check.

There are some great decors in the bathrooms listed below. If you build one for your beloved boys, they will encourage you to do so. Check out the photos below without further ado before we continue.

1. Boys Bathroom Wall Decor

boys bathroom decor

When it comes to bathroom designs for boys, this green-colored design is our first recommendation. The homeowner refaced the old wooden vanity with vibrant green new doors. They lend the space a colorful and playful personality instantly.

If your little boys fight over time in the bathroom, this shared locker room may be a good solution. The additional space will give them enough elbow room and allow you to set boundaries without having to split up your children constantly.

The little boys can access the sinks safely and quickly with the step stools. Meanwhile, the walls are adorned with framed artwork and sunburst mirrors. They add pops of color to the scene and work together to create a cohesive composition.

2. Boys Bathroom Ideas With A Nautical Theme

boys bathroom ideas

Regarding boys’ bathroom ideas, you don’t need to go overboard. For example, the toilet’s waste bin and cabinets are blue shades that create a sense of elevation compared to the bathtub tiles, which wear just one color tone.

If you want to change the style of your cabinet doors, another option would be stenciling them. Another option is painting something on scratch using a brush and paint.

Furthermore, you may want to consider using the pattern of navy signal flags. Create some anchors or fish shapes on their surface for a simple look at your cabinet doors.

Metal towel bars attach to the wall for holding personalized towels, and shelves built into the countertop are used to store folded towels. The vibrant, built-in vanity top provides another colorful decorative touch for this bathroom.

3. Boys Bathroom Ideas with A Wall Shelf

boys bathroom ideas

Are you looking for ideas to design a boy’s bathroom? Take inspiration from this bathing space. The red arrow-shaped shelf stores the clean towels and toilet paper out of sight but with easy reach–helping keep the interior tidy.

Furthermore, the clean bathroom has a kid-friendly sink with a soap dish. The homeowner’s little boy keeps his bath toys at hand in the white basket; meanwhile, the colorful stripes make this room appealing and stimulating.

The clock, soap dispenser, and wallpaper choice all add cheerful blue color to the bathroom. A stark white background with colorful toys against it makes for an impressive appearance too. The beige curtains by the window give you privacy without taking away from the room’s appeal.

4. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Unusual Wallpaper

boys bathroom ideas

There are several luxurious bathroom ideas for boys. The marble shelves are elegant and functional all at once. While they do not match perfectly with the wallpaper, they make up for both usefulness and style.

Moreover, using wallpaper in the room spruces the space up. It brings vitality and fun to the bathroom as well. The artwork on the toilet tank provides visual interest while also bringing vibrancy into the room.

A porthole mirror in the interior of one wall provides dimension to the clean and airy bathroom. The modern sink (which is white) contrasts with the dark back tiles along its edge. It’s a cute and eye-catching bathroom!

5. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Penny Mosaic Tiles

boys bathroom ideas

This stylish bathroom is clean and bright. The white door, toilet, vanity, and tiles provide a serene environment that invites you in to enjoy. Wall lamps add an elegant touch, while the silver-framed rectangular mirror provides depth with its reflection.

The vanity already has drawers that hold more than just towels. Some extra toiletries and bath supplies are inside the door, such as toothbrushes, soaps, etc. The decorative drawer knobs contrast nicely against the simple white background on top of the cabinets to create a consistent look.

Using hexagon penny mosaic tiles is one way to elevate your bathroom. It will enhance the feeling of luxury in the space. It contrasts nicely with white subway tiled walls, giving you a playfully clean look. Striped towels give off an eclectic vibe, while metallic towel bars keep them from getting dirty on the floor.

6. Kid Bathroom Wall Decor

boys bathroom decor

This kids’ bathroom is like something out of a dream. The bright orange paint on the walls contrasts beautifully with the pure white tiles and sleek stainless steel appliances.

The addition of a marble vanity top further enhances the ambiance and aesthetics of the bathing space by providing an extra element of class and elegance.

The step stool in the children’s bathroom makes it easier for little boys to reach the sink, toothbrushes, and soap. The stainless steel towel holder keeps the bathroom organized. Black vanity creates a dramatic, deep styling at night-time when turned on with lights installed behind.

In addition, the double vanity discourages clutter and fighting. At the same time, your child can admire themselves in wall mirrors with sconces for a sense of balance.

Lastly, rubber ducks have a playful effect on your kids, and colorful curtains can help transition from one environment to another. Repetitive animal-themed art also elicits an enthusiastic response in children.

7. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Superhero Theme

boys bathroom design

As you see, this boy’s bathroom is not only colorful but also fun and inviting. The yellow walls freshen the space up, while the English telephone box door makes for an unusual and attractive entryway that also appeals to children.

Upon closer inspection, the orange and the white-colored curtain is decorated with colorful stars, which liven up your bathroom. Furthermore, the metal towel bar contains a bright red towel for guests and a blue towel for you.

The homeowner hung her towel bar at a height accessible for kids. That’s the reason they don’t need to reach their towels. Meanwhile, superhero-themed kid bathroom wall signs remind the little boy of his daily routines.

8. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Graffiti

boys bathroom ideas

Your child’s bathroom is in the back of the house and doesn’t get much sun. Adding some spray paint graffiti can liven up their bathroom.

Integrating dark colors into a room is an excellent way to create a stunning ambiance. The home’s foundation allows blue, purple, and yellow hues to shine effortlessly.

Furthermore, the large basin sink and the dark wall offer a lovely contrast to clean space. The unit also is comfortable for people to use the bathroom because it adds both function and style.

The toilet paper holder fascinates the boy with its powder room messes, while the lighting highlights his favorite graffiti. The wall hanging grabs his attention and makes this space unique in a way that develops a unified look.

9. Blue and White Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom design

If you’re looking for bathroom design ideas to make it more kid-friendly, then this is the one for you. The bathtub is more extensive than average. Adults and kids like this new area the same.

Furthermore, the wooden bathtub caddy leaves room for keeping towels, shampoo, and soap. The homeowner painted the walls soft blue to jazz up the renovated bathroom aesthetically and serene vibe.

White cabinets help a little boy declutter his bathroom by providing excellent storage, including toothbrush holders and towel racks. Meanwhile, black frames with artwork give cohesiveness to the room.

10. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Nautical Accents

boys bathroom ideas

Before thinking of boys’ shower decoration ideas, you can’t go wrong with a nautical theme. It fits perfectly into these kids’ bathroom spaces. Crisp white walls and vanity impart an airy ambiance that quickly becomes apparent within the room.

The windows provide excellent ventilation and allow lots of natural light while remaining private. The white stool gives boys access to their belongings on a level they can reach without help, and the two mirrors make the space appear larger than it is.

Furthermore, navy blue rugs are atop the pale gray floor. A double vanity allows the kids to be separated and have their own space.

The bathroom has a large counter area that is well-suited for a toy bucket and colorful furniture. Brightly colored towels cover the sink, while the wall sconces provide decoration.

11. Modern Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom ideas

This bathroom features a large tile on the floor and small mosaic tiles. The larger pieces are gray, while the smaller mosaics are blue. These colors tastefully complement each other, as do the fun saying over the toilet with its blank wall surrounding it.

The double vanity creates the opportunity for your kids to use the same bathroom independently without confusion.

Furthermore, they come with metal knobs that are perfect for little hands to open and close. They provide a proper storage place for toys, bath products, and towels, so your kids never have to miss out.

Metal towel hooks on the gray shower wall let boys hang their towels, and the extra-wide mirror makes this bathroom seem more significant. Two metallic wall sconces lend an industrial charm to the room and a masculine feel.

12. Kid Bathroom Wall Hanging

boys bathroom decor

Are you in search of boy’s bathroom ideas? If so, here are some fabulous choices sitting just above the sink. These round mirrors have nautical ropes tied to them, while two pendant lamps provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for space at night.

Each bathroom has a small tub and toilet, but the large sink with two faucets in the boys’ room stands out. The distressed wood vanity with open shelves in the girls’ room would also be noteworthy if not for hexagon mosaic tiles which are impossible to ignore.

Framed photos and a well-placed bamboo rug give this bathroom a homey vibe. Hanging hooks maximize the potential of unused space to corral toys, while an artificial plant contributes to the room’s natural look.

13. Boys Bathroom Ideas for Teenage Kids

boys bathroom design

This teenage boy’s bathroom is a blend of vintage and modern design. The white appliances and tiles, clean surfaces, metal rack under the pedestal sink holding toilet paper rolls, and transparent shampoo bottle were all present in both periods.

Giving your teenage son his private barbershop is the perfect gift for a mom with a creative side. Made to look like an authentic barbershop complete with rustic chairs, wall art, and curtains, this space will keep him occupied and happy.

By using black tiles and towels, this bathroom injects a unique element of drama. A metal towel bar and a masculine hat are part of the design for an inviting atmosphere. Houseplants in small pots add life to space.

14. Submarine Themed Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom decor

Departing from our usual problem-solving methods in this instance, why not maintain the boy’s bathroom walls with colorful mosaic tiles? Not only do they impart a playful ambiance to the room, but they offer him a window to an underwater world.

The white tub provides your little one with a place to rest and relax while you brush their hair. Meanwhile, the gold bath caddy keeps soap, shampoo, and toys within reach.

The pedestal sink pairs well with the oval mirror because it is significant. The door and ceiling light lend a rustic feel to this bathroom as an added layer of detail.

15. Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Little Boys

boys bathroom design

The kids’ bathroom features white beadboard wainscoting, a chair rail, and an earth-tone wall. They create a cottage-themed space with a timeless appeal. Meanwhile, the mirror creates the illusion of more space in this small bathing area.

We wanted to create a playful and relaxing atmosphere for our guests, so we hung artwork created by kids, inspirational quotes with syllable count perfect for singing along, choral pieces that made us feel joyful.

Playful and sensible, this striped curtain evokes a feeling of playfulness without making the bathroom feel too childish. With two vanities–one on either side of the sink space–small children won’t have to fight over limited space for getting ready in the morning.

16. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Square Tiles

boys bathroom decor

This family bathroom employs refreshing aqua square cube tiles. They became an instant refresher for space, while the old school sink made room for two sinks to add that authentic showstopper touch.

The mirror cabinets give you additional storage space for your items and give you an expansion of the room. Gray curtains ensure the privacy barrier that little boys have. Here are some interesting bathroom storage ideas that you will want to see.

Shop for a freestanding shelving unit that can hold toilet paper, towels, and toys. A wall-mounted configuration may also be more practical, as it will unify the bathroom without the need for additional storage items.

17. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Rope Towel Rack

boys bathroom ideas

There are white walls, a porthole mirror cabinet for storing medicines, and a pedestal sink in this boy’s bathroom. This design composition creates an airy effect.

While the sky blue wainscoting creates a nice contrast against the cream-colored walls, it does little to distract from the room’s emptiness.

This child’s bathroom has a few added features intended for your son’s safety, including wall-mounted racks that keep his towels off the floor. The reflective surfaces on these shutters allow light into this space during daylight hours, while soft sconces lend candlelight to guide him at night.

18. Basement Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom design

If you have a limited amount of bathroom space, consider adding another basin to your basement to ease the transition for teenagers. Painting it with utility holes and grid-like tiles will make it look like their room.

Furthermore, the shower boasts black tile, yellow tile, and red tiles. These are true to the stoplight pattern of natural traffic lights (the accent wall and vanity top liven up space). The open shelves hold teen toys. Check out these interesting basement bathroom ideas that you will want to see.

19. Boy’s Bathroom with Animal Decals

boys bathroom decor

How can you not admire this boy’s bathroom? It has a single vanity with a marble top – the light color scheme and eye-catching floor infuse a fun touch into the scene. The animal silhouette wall decals make it all the more endearing.

The vanity is a central part of the bathroom, and the hooks above provide space for towels or small toiletries. Yellow accents evoke happiness in the design.

In addition, the medicine cabinet has a mirror. This bathroom also includes houseplants as decoration which is nice since plants help purify indoor air.

20. Baby Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom ideas

It is one of the countless bathroom ideas you can use when decorating a boy’s room. The neutral backdrop lets a child’s character grow over time, and there are plenty of streamlined fixtures that match any ornaments.

It adds more color to his bathroom and also leaves him with a sense of privacy while he’s in the tub. There are clean towels and bath essentials contained in the glass shelving unit.

You might have found these boys’ bathroom ideas helpful. Pick one of them to help you design a fantastic and fun retreat for children. Choose whichever style matches the child’s preferences and goes well with the existing decor.


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