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20 Amazing Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Find cottage bathroom ideas that will help you create a bathroom you love. The bathroom is the most used room in the house, so it needs to be well-designed and well-maintained.

Some people dream of living in the country. If you desire to move out of the city but can’t for one reason or another, you should consider creating a personal retreat like a small cottage. If you need some inspiration, check out our fantastic cottage bathrooms.

Just now, there was a discussion on bathroom design trends. The cottage design is unquestionably the most elegant and welcoming. The distressed mirror, vintage furniture, and floral wallpaper style are popular looks for the bedroom. It’s understated and features sweet hues.

In many ways, the cottage-style bathroom is more about what’s not there than what is. For instance, in the case of a weathered wood vanity, you don’t necessarily have to use a reclaimed piece.

Instead, you can use a new one and stain it to look weathered. And when it comes to shiplap walls, they don’t have to be white; you can paint them any color you like.

Furniture is practical, but it can also be modern or contemporary. There are many different styles, from industrial to sleek and simple.

We did the work for you. These 20 cottage bathrooms ideas are guaranteed to inspire you. Try applying some of them to turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

1. Small Country Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom ideas

If you have a small bathroom, this is one idea you should consider. It’s clean and fresh. You’ll need white wainscoting on the walls, a toilet, a pedestal sink, and white tile flooring.

The outdoorsy feel of using wood accents and greenery is a design trend that is both visual and functional.

Additionally, the bathroom has gorgeous floral wallpaper over white wainscoting. It brings both visual interest and color to this space.

The interior is a bit boring. To add a little life, we have thrown in some colorful towels. A poster in the background enhances the vintage effect.

2. Wide Gray Vanity Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

cottage bathrooms ideas

The bathroom feels airy and spacious with white shiplap walls. They’re also quaint and classic at the same time. A marble vanity top adds a touch of glamour to the room.

The vast blue and grey vanity contributes to an elegant feeling in this bathroom. It has a vintage charm and also creates a relaxing ambiance.

In addition, the mirror is framed with white molding that blends well into the background. The artwork and sconces adorn the walls made of shiplap. Lastly, geometric floor tiles add some modern flair to the bathroom.

3. Weathered Vanity Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom ideas

If you’re looking for a lake cottage bathroom idea, this is the right design for you. The weathered green vanity gives the room a shabby chic feel while updating the space.

The rectangular sink and wall sconces generate a vintage ambiance. The purple flowers in a glass vase create a romantic feel. Meanwhile, the mirror expands your space visually.

The bathroom is one of the essential features of a house, and this bathroom does not disappoint. The white subway tile walls and hexagon floor tiles give it a sense of contemporary refinement. The wicker basket under the vanity is a unique touch that adds to the room’s character.

4. Rustic Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

cottage bathrooms ideas

If you’d like to design a traditional bathroom, you should use unrefined materials. Wood, stone, and wood beams are examples of these materials. You will enhance the rustic appearance of your bathroom.

The unfinished wooden vanity, which blends in perfectly, provides ample storage. It makes the bathroom feel like it’s from simpler times. However, the bathroom is illuminated by natural light during daylight hours.

Having white walls and ceilings creates a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. The stainless steel towel bar is practical but also stylish. A bathtub and stool provide a touch of modern chic.

5. Rustic Vanity and Mirror in Cottage Bathroom

cottage style bathroom

The royal blue vanity is a rustic-looking piece that brings an unpretentious feel to this bathroom. It’s very bright and cheerful. The white laminate surface and stainless steel fittings provide a touch of sophistication.

It is perfect for the blue vanity to have a distressed mirror. Large windows give the bathroom a light and airy feeling. The wooden floor instantly conveys a casual vibe. Check out these cool bathroom window designs that you’ll want to see!

The bathroom’s look is stylish and classic. An indoor plant and white faux flowers give the room a pop of color, but they’re still classy. The storage unit is well-built, durable, and has a vintage look.

6. French Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom ideas

The off-white paint job only enhances this cottage-inspired bathroom’s charming, vintage feel on the ornate mirror. It’s the one focal point that makes the room feel more relaxing and French.

Adding a wall sconce is an exquisite and classy addition to space. Two sinks are enough for you and your spouse to do daily routines. Brass accents give the bathroom a luxurious feel.

A combination of unfinished wood and woven rattan makes the bathroom look rustic. An open basket for storing rolled-up towels fits perfectly into the vanity. A wall sconce provides light. A vase of pink flowers further brightens the room.

7. Repurposed Vanity Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

cottage bathrooms ideas

Speaking of vintage furniture, people are turning their old items into vanities. The addition of this facility brings back memories of the past and adds convenience to the bathroom. The things make great centerpieces for the room.

A homeowner has made an old dresser into a vanity. It holds personal items, bathroom products, and towels.

The sink looks great with the dark marble countertops. Also, adding leaves and plants to the background makes it look more attractive. Take a look at these amazing bathroom countertop ideas that you’ll want to see.

Tissue rolls are held in place by the black metal basket. Area rugs and wallpaper in the bathroom add visual appeal. Wall sconces and the mirror deliver a country cottage flair.

8. Small Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom ideas

Is your bathroom small? If so, try this look to make it feel larger. Crisp white window shades and shiplap walls take up minimal space and provide privacy from the rest of the room.

The house’s interior is brought back to a quaint cottage feel using a pedestal sink and oval mirror.

Furthermore, the beauty of stationary windows sets a calming ambiance. The distressed orb chandelier in the bathroom provides ample lighting. It also injects a shabby chic flavor for space and holds towels rolls.

The subway tiles on the washroom walls give it a contemporary appeal, while the black and white patterned floor tiles have an elegant look. This room is completed with wall art and a mirror over an oval frame.

9. Double Width Vanity Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom design

The off-white paint on the paneling is calming. Light is also provided with the small second-tier windows at either side of the tub.

This bathroom has a warm vibe between the wood ceiling and the mirror frames. Short curtain panels dress up the window that hangs above the toilet.

Furthermore, the antique feel in this bathroom is strengthened by double-width faucets and a sink. The open shelving displays folded towels.

A wicker basket, wood towel holder, and stone floor are used in the bathroom to achieve a rustic vibe. The yellow flowers instantly boost the interior, while the area rug stole the attention. A bright vintage light fixture can bring in more illumination.

10. Subway Tiles Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom tileThis bath combines the practicality of subway tiles with the charm of a cottage style. The green vanity in the corner is calming and tranquil, inviting one to linger while the small shower area feels fresh and modern.

The natural wood stool and golden-framed mirror bring nature to an otherwise white palette. A personalized monogrammed shower curtain adds privacy without diminishing the charm.

The natural stone top is a perfect match for the vanity. Black accents instead add drama to the bathroom, while geometric floor tiles combine different patterns and colors to more thoroughly accentuate the space.

11. Cottage Bathroom Ideas with Coastal

cottage style bathrooms

As you see, this bathroom has a fresh appearance that is reminiscent of the seaside. Light blue and white paint cover the walls with subway tiles as a border to add sharpness to what would otherwise be an uninteresting surface.

The light blue makeup sofa offers a lovely country feel with black knobs as an attractive contrasting feature. The distressed mirror creates a homely atmosphere while the shabby chic style is enhanced in the vintage décor.

This bathroom space has sleek black-and-glass sconces that lend a classy touch to the wall lights. The presence of textured rugs enhances the room’s sense of luxury. There are fresh flowers in a basket that offer a burst of color.

12. Elaborate Mirror Cottage Bathroom Ideas

modern farmhouse cottage

One of the best ideas for a cottage bathroom is placing a corner rectangular bathtub. It looks elegant and maximizes space in this small area to appear more spacious. A wall mirror with a grey frame will also brighten up the room.

Furthermore, the pink floral wallpaper complements the French country cottage feel. It provides a feminine appearance immediately too. Meanwhile, with its crystal chandelier on at night, it emits an enticing and superior glow.

There are many items in the beige armoire in the bathroom, from towels and bath products to fresh plants. Its shelves are soft-topped and achieve a gracious style.

Gold table settings create a luxurious ambiance. Mature roses in the vase on the end tables are a complementary touch.

13. Wood Accents Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom design

When thinking of cottage-style bathroom ideas, this aesthetic is without a doubt worth trying. The distressed wooden mirror, ladder towel holder, and vanity create a rustic ambiance that can make the space feel casual.

This spacious bathroom is flush with stylish features that leave behind any anxiety. Matching white tiles, a window frame, and sink contrast against the calming color scheme of green shiplap walls. The mild brass finish on fixtures infuses a touch of luxury into this space instantly.

The wicker storage basket will help the bathroom remain free of clutter by keeping smaller items beneath it. Green plants and flowers can beautify the bathroom naturally, but keep in mind that some people may have allergies or chemical sensitivities to these plants.

A vintage mirrored vanity with an open shelf helps bring airiness to the small room. Lastly, geometric floor tiles help make the bathroom look brand new.

14. Black and White Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

cottage bathrooms ideas

The black and white color scheme lends this bathroom a contemporary appearance reminiscent of anything from Pottery Barn. Meanwhile, the shiplap walls inject some cottage charm with a second’s notice.

The vanity comes with an open shelf and drawers, great for storing your towels and other bath essentials. The mirror, wall sconces, and big round sink will create a contemporary ambiance when you’re done.

The soothing atmosphere is created by light grey painted wood floors, which are also more durable. Meanwhile, wicker baskets and greenery make sense of nature even inside your home.

15. Beach Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

beach cottage bathroom

One of the best seaside cottage bathroom ideas is this light blue wall paneling. It makes space appear brighter and more extensive. White walls, grey ceilings, and a dark floor make the room seem airier as well as light.

The black knobs on the vanity add practicality and country charm to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the mirror boasts an antiqued frame that blends seamlessly with its rustic surroundings and provides additional storage space.

Bringing a touch of silver glamour into your bathroom is as simple as installing fixtures or wall sconces. Additions such as this create an instant sense of glamour in the space, enhancing the stripe tiles for a more contemporary feel.

16. Exposed Beam Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom ideas

This beautiful bathroom features a white ceiling, white walls, and a clawfoot bathtub. The bathroom’s clean setting is underscored by Victorian-era elegance in the form of the tub added to space.

The exposed beam and wood floor create a charming ambiance. Candle holders accent the area, giving it an inviting feel. Plenty of bath products is neatly arranged in a metal rack to reach easily without leaving the room.

The sheer curtains provide privacy and create a sense of separation in the bathroom. They carry beauty and glamor. White subway tiles add a contemporary feel to the bathroom.

17. Open Shelving Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

modern farmhouse cottage

Pale blue shiplap walls and a glass vase create a coastal atmosphere in this bathroom. The neutral surroundings will also benefit from these shabby chic accessories.

Marble floor tiles create a sumptuous atmosphere, while the white vanity top and mirror make the space feel open.

In addition, wooden vanities come with open shelves. The house rolled towels, wicker storage baskets, and glass jars for bath essentials. Black accents throughout the bathroom lend the room a touch of visual drama.

If you are looking for a calming space, these two sconces will serve their purpose. The ladder is easy to remove to retrieve your towel below the shelf. Another nice touch with this room is the faux flowers that embellish the space.

18. Upcycled Vanities Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage style bathrooms

You will notice that these bathrooms incorporate white walls and door paneling to create a light and airy atmosphere. Not only does this look to be a tidy room, but it also adds salvaging appeal. The lights and wall sconces provide a touch of antique charm to this space’s decor.

Double vanities that are repurposed imbue the bathroom with weathered beauty. Repurposing it also gives the bathroom shabby chic flair.

Wooden frameless mirrors are the perfect complement to granite makeup counters. Hexagon floor tiles will draw you in instantly.

19. Farmhouse Curtains Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage style bathroom

The old and new styles converge seamlessly with this bathroom. The wooden floor gives the space a homey feeling, while double sinks make it contemporary.

Striped curtains inject just the right amount of farmhouse charm in this room to provide it with balance. Patterned vanity skirts hide unsightly plumbing that would have otherwise interrupted the design scheme.

In search of a luxurious retreat, this bathroom is a perfect choice. The window shutter allows daytime light that high marble vanity top and cozy wood rug welcome you to the room of comfort and elegance.

20. Cottage Bathroom Ideas with Shiplap Paneling

cottage bathroom ideas

This cottage-style bathroom features off-white shiplap walls, which help to foster an inviting and open atmosphere. Meanwhile, the round mirror focuses on attention, adding a touch of glamorous charm.

The unfinished wood in the bathroom and the river stones give this space a rustic charm. The rectangular sink is an up-to-date choice and injects some modern polish into the room.

Don’t hesitate to try those cottage bathroom ideas whether you live in a big city or suburban town. Some adhere to the classics, while others incorporate contemporary adaptations. Ultimately, the option is yours.

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