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22 Outstanding Country Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

Country Bathroom Ideas is a popular and unique bathroom design that will make you want to keep coming back to it. Get these country bathroom ideas for your own bathroom design today.

Many people, both interior designers and homeowners, are attracted to country-style bathrooms. These types of toilets can be gorgeous as well as welcoming. For complete relaxation, please have a look at my country bathroom ideas.

I have collected my favorite country bathroom vanities and decor in this article. There are classic country styles and the more modern ones that you will appreciate.

1. Small Country Bathroom Ideas

country bathroom ideas

The white color palette makes this bathroom look larger than it is, and the large window creates a feeling of space in the enclosed area.

The timeworn appeal that the wood stool, vanity, and mirror bring to this setting is magnificent. They create a friendly atmosphere too.

2. Country Cottage Bathroom

country cottage bathroom

Reclaimed wood and distressed finishes give this space a lived-in feel. White shiplap walls are painted white and have a country cottage look. Check out these interesting cottage bathroom ideas that you’ll want to see.

Bathroom mirrors and shower curtains are essential parts of a modern bathroom; the black iron mesh basket, mirror, and wall sconce provide decoration to this previously sparse space.

3. Country Bathroom Ideas Pictures

country bathroom ideasThe homeowners chose white colors for their bathing space, making the area feel brighter and lighter. Natural light is let in through windows with a view of outside scenery.

The untreated wood floor is unavoidable underfoot. The effect adds country flair to space. A looming, oversized mirror generates an illusion of added space in this light-adorned room.

4. Country Style Window Treatments

country style bathroom

The bathroom wall panels are a pastel shade of grey, and the vanity has an interesting detail. This is one beautiful living space combined with the pink, roll-top bath.

The floral blind and opaque glass windows complement one another in this space. The wood elements also add to the room’s cozy vibe. Adding to the abundant air of the room is a glass chandelier flush-mounted on the ceiling.

5. Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

modern country bathroom

Light surfaces, such as the ceiling and walls, brighten up this space. Windows let sunlight shine through during the day.

The weathered finishes on the beams, flooring, and door show the exposed beams. A wall made of rough stone adds texture to the room.

6. Country Bathroom Vanity

country bathroom designs

There are white subway tiles on the shower walls. This method of design gives the room a crisp, clean appearance. The addition of river rocks subtly introduces nature into space. There are some interesting bathroom vanity ideas that you will want to see.

A one-of-a-kind vanity is a unique piece of furniture that adds a personal touch to your bathroom. Dark-toned wooden legs with galvanized metal tubs are a popular choice for these one-of-a-kind vanities. They are ideal for holding your grooming essentials and provide plenty of storage space for extra toiletries.

7. Country Bathroom Colors

country bathroom decor

Blue wood paneling and light yellow walls boost the effectiveness of this bathroom on the top floor. The white towel bar, roll-top bath, and wall-mounted washstand complement the effective coloring schemes.

There is a country-style stool in bright red with room for baskets of bath supplies. A large potted plant was livening up space and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

8. Modern Country Bathroom Ideas

modern country bathroom

The bathroom lacks decor and features a primarily white color scheme, as the picture shows. This design helps retain a sense of spaciousness in the small space.

Geometric tiles on the walls add dimension, while grey and natural wood reflect a sense of comfort. Blue flowers brighten up the room for an unexpected touch.

9. Country Bathroom Light Ideas over Mirror

country bathrooms ideas

Large subway tiles are placed vertically on the walls to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. However, this will leave some space between the tile and the floor.

The natural shades of wood furniture and brown marble tiles invite peace in the design. The lighting fixtures over the mirror provide illumination for personal grooming.

10. Rustic Country Bathroom Ideas

country bathroom ideas

The combination of white shiplap walls and sage green above creates a country feel. The washstands, wall sconces, and bathtub embrace the mix with style.

The rustic look of the hardwood floors balances with modern accents. Houseplants in the corner keep it from feeling dry and lifeless.

11. Rustic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom design ideas

This attic bathroom might be a lot to take in at first, but it is elegant thanks to the clawfoot tub, ornate wrought iron chandelier, and curtains. The curved mirror introduces the distressed wood finish adding some rustic charm. Candlelight sets an inviting environment making this space all you could hope for on a romantic retreat.

Check out these exciting bathroom mirror ideas that you’ll want to see. These attractive bathroom mirrors will help you clean your bathroom more effectively and efficiently.

12. French Country Bathroom Ideas

french country bathroom

The unfinished wood that lines the walls sets an archetypal and rustic mood. This bathroom has a century-old feel, as evidenced by its green vanity, cabinet, and mirrors.

Dark wooden arched windows allow a lot of sunlight to pour in, adding a French country vibe. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling and adds complexity to this contemporary mansion. Finally, a thick shag rug tops an old stone floor.

13. Country Rustic Bathroom Ideas

country bathroom ideas

You can see that the bathroom is decorated with old, weathered wood. It immediately imparts a weathered look to the room.

The windows allow the bather to see an enticing view of their surroundings. Vivid colors add mood and pull from dullness.

14. Country Bathroom Storage Cabinet

country bathroom designs

Mirrors, sinks, sconces, and symmetrical cabinets create an even flow for the eye. The shelves above the bathtub give you a place to decorate with all of your items.

The blue panels on the walls bring relief to the bold colors of the floor textiles, accented by bright red flowers.

15. Country Bathroom Ideas with Rustic Rugs

country bathroom ideas

The black polished concrete floor and chandelier contrast admirably with the white surfaces. The red rug steals the spotlight in this room, while vanity mirrors have collected character over time. Large windows offer breathtaking views of fields beyond.

16. Primitive Bathroom Decor Cheap

country bathroom decor

This bathroom has a primitive patina and is maintained with the help of a stone vanity, tub in the corner, and walls.

The clean, naked wood ceiling and beams create the rustic backdrop for this space. Red and dark brown stained window placements provide a perfect finishing ode to the area.

17. Country Bathroom Wall Cabinets

country bathroom designs

Shiplap and country-style bathrooms take on a cottage style. A chipped rattan basket, reclaimed wood wall cabinet with a varnished finish to bring out the color of the wood, flowers in an acrylic jug for colors and character.

18. Modern Rustic Bathroom

modern country bathroom

The bathroom features a floating vanity with a sliding barn door adding rustic charm, while white subway tile adds timeless character. Mirrored cabinets make space appear larger without taking up any additional floor space.

19. Country Bathroom Wall Decor

country bathroom decor

Patterned tiles add an element of wow to a bathroom. With clean, dark-colored walls and floors, along with brown tiles for flooring or accenting the space, two raw wood vases still make this unadorned wall competitively decorative.

20. Rustic Bathroom Shower Ideas

country bathroom designs

Stone floor tiles on the ground, wrought iron fixtures for the shower, and exposed brick walls give off one kind of vibe industrial rustic.

The wooden soaking tub provides an Asian-inspired flair that will whet your appetite to sink into the bath. Meanwhile, flowers and indoor plants make any bathroom feel alive in a way that you’d never expect.

21. Country Bathroom Paint Colors 2019

country bathrooms ideas

The curvy black and white mirror, arched wall, and window of this bathroom ensure the appearance of splendor. A white clawfoot tub looks pretty against a pink backdrop. The distressed wood furniture pieces ooze assembled-over-time charm.

22. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Lights

bathroom design ideas

Here, limestone tiles are laid in the French pattern, and a new white clawfoot tub is at the center. Two antique vanity lights provide a rustic touch to this beautiful bathroom. An arched mirror offers an elegant feel, nicely with the double basin sink on either side.

I hope these country bathroom ideas inspire you for a renovation project. It is essential to create a bathroom that welcomes guests and suits their needs, no matter which design or decorating style you choose.

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