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22 Outstanding Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas That’ll Inspire You

Farmhouse-inspired spas are becoming popular because of the cozy ambience they provide. They’re also budget-friendly since many of the items used for these bath spaces are recycled or repurposed. If you love this vibe, explore my farmhouse bathroom ideas here.

The great thing about living in a home is that it can be whatever you want it to be, and amenity-wise, there’s no better way to go than the modern farmhouse.

1. Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf

farmhouse bathroom design

Reclaimed wood shelves have been mounted to the light grey wall. Those pieces house a potted plant, some extra towels, and toilet paper, among other things.

White and distressed cabinet handles accent the shabby chic style of this bathroom. A two-toned geometric rug gives it a fresh modern touch. Check out these amazing bathroom cabinet ideas you’ll be happy to see.

2. Shower Curtain Farmhouse

farmhouse bathroom ideas

This bathroom is full of personality, from the subway tiles to the hexagon tile. The macramé wall hanging and French country rug catches the eye. Check out these cool country bathroom designs that’ll inspire you to add a little personality to your bathroom.

White curtains offer complete privacy for dressing and perfect contrast with the wrought iron on the rod. The wood trim around the window gives an inviting warmth to this room.

3. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

farmhouse bathroom decor

The shower room is bright and airy due to the white subway tiles. River rocks and braided sisal rug also provide a rustic, natural texture.

The statement vanity is galvanized metal, and a wooden base is turned into a plant holder. It houses towels in the wire mesh basket underneath the vanity. Flowers adorn the space as well.

4. Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

farmhouse bathroom decor

White-painted shiplap walls and cabinets make a room appear bright and airy. They effortlessly exude an atmosphere of openness.

The bathroom features vintage vanity lights, which also serve as decorative accessories. Meanwhile, the wood elements set a welcoming scene, and the greenery spruces up space.

5. Farmhouse Bathroom Pictures

farmhouse bathroom design

Below is a farmhouse-style bathroom that has been given an airy and light look through the use of predominantly white furnishings.

The warmth of the outdoor living space is brought into the bathroom by the unfinished wood Vanity and floating shelves. A colourful curtain offers visual privacy while maintaining a modern, spa-like vibe with its geometric pattern.

6. Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas with Ceiling Lights

farmhouse style bathroom

Large-format square tiles come in a range of bright shades, such as pure white. They have a broad appeal and modern effect when used on the walls.

Dark and dramatic black walls give this space a lived-in, tangible feel. The worn wood that adorns the ceiling and beams used in construction are captured beautifully. Dim lighting from the beaded chandelier sets up an intimate vibe.

7. Farmhouse Half Bath Decor

farmhouse bathroom decor

The skylight and ample white keep this small attic bathroom from being cramped. Wooden units are all warm colours, keeping the room feeling very spacious.

A cozy, earthy palette enlivens this room, and a brick accent wall provides an inviting focal point. A round mirror elegantly reflects light, while black-framed artwork ties the space together.

8. Shower Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

farmhouse style bathroom

The white bathroom seems spotless and welcoming. The vaulted ceiling contrasts the reclaimed beams, which make up most of the space.

The shower fixtures make the room more functional. The brown wool rug and grey flooring provide comfort. A cotton plant in a vase is a centerpiece on the table.

9. Cheap Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

farmhouse style bathroom

All-white spaces typically define farmhouse-inspired bathrooms, but this workspace incorporates a touch of khaki to update the aesthetics.

The floor pattern and striped towels in this room make it very appealing. The repurposed wood vanity has a shelf that can be opened up entirely, while the wicker basket doubles as shelving on top.

10. Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas with Mirror

farmhouse bathroom design

The light taupe ceiling, vanities, and walls set the mood for a serene environment. The sleek look of marble countertops adds to the bathroom’s upscale feel.

Weathered wood and a floor composed of dark tones balance out the fantastic colour schemes. Green elements provide some life to space.

11. Farmhouse Bathroom Signs

farmhouse bathroom decor

The bathroom’s accent wall is made up of reclaimed wood planks. It lends a warm glow to space along with woven wood shades, oak laminate floor, and cream-coloured walls.

The shelves in the industrial farmhouse are used to hold decorative pieces and even potted plants. Modern and vintage materials complete the look.

12. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

modern farmhouse bathroom

The white-dominated colour scheme allows the patterned tiles on the floor to stand out. The potted plant adds a sense of life and vitality, while the large glass panel with a rectangular mirror effectively reflects this clean, modern farmhouse.

The unpainted wooden dresser has been transformed into an alluring vanity, boasting open shelves to store towels and baskets fashioned of wicker.

13. Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Ideas

modern farmhouse bathrooms

The contemporary geometric tiles on this bathroom floor and white shiplap walls lend the space a modern appeal. Brass accents add another dimension, spicing up an otherwise all-white room with bright yellow and pastel orange touches.

14. Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

modern farmhouse bathroom

The bathroom features a weathered wood floor and white subway tiles. Industrial design touches to the room are infused with black, metal, mirror, pendant light and window frames, making it gender-neutral. Adding colour without calling attention to themselves is how flowers keep everything in check.

15. Farmhouse Apron Sink Bathroom

farmhouse bathroom design

When it comes to a clean and bright bathroom, many prefer the look of an apron-front sink as well as old brass details on the faucet and trim. Adding patterned rugs, framed artwork, or potted plants can also add a little more interest to an otherwise simple space.

16. Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

farmhouse bathroom decor

The black and white hexagon floor tiles in the bathroom give it character. The cream-painted wainscoting panels on the wall opposite them help bring you calm after a long day, while khaki mouldings frame everything nicely.

On top of a freestanding cabinet, various art pieces made from butterfly wings lean against the wall. A pedestal sink adds some farmhouse feel to the otherwise modern space.

17. Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse style bathroom

The use of a white shiplap wall and an under-mount cast iron sink create the feeling that you are on a farm. Wire mesh baskets and wood-look ceramic tiles give the space an industrial edge.

With an eye-catching chandelier and wall sconces, space is lightly illuminated. A framed quote hangs next to a distressed wood symbol while Arabesque curtains enclose the room.

18. Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Having a frameless glass shower door gives your bathroom a sense of class and elegance. Patterned tiles keep your eye captivated for hours on end.

The glass wall sconces give off a warm glow, and there is a cabinet with an open shelf that can hold rolled towels.

19. Tiny Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

farmhouse bathroom ideas

A pale grey floor, an inbuilt bathtub, and walls with windows allow for more excellent natural light to come into the room. A mirror also helps this space feel larger. You will find that the naked wood floor compliments galvanized pendant lights and an iron shower fixture. Check out these great bathroom window ideas that will make you want to look out the window!

20. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

rustic farmhouse bathroom

Beautiful symmetry is introduced with the shiplap ceiling, wall sconces, cabinets, and reclaimed wood floors. It is a freestanding tub, painting on windows, and a wood-framed mirror cement modern flair to bring it all together.

21. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

modern farmhouse bathroom

The dark tiles and slate countertops help maintain a sense of depth and drama in this space. The white tub, subway tile, and chrome accessories keep the bathroom from feeling drab. Downlights nicely lighted them on the ceiling and wall sconces to add additional lighting when needed.

22. Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Art

 farmhouse bathroom ideas

Light taupe walls highlight black and white penny floor tiles. A vanity with a white countertop houses bath essentials in the bathroom. Mirrored cabinet doors reflect natural light and art framed in mirrors on opposite walls.

Modern farmhouse bathroom ideas are efficient, in conclusion. If you want to turn your dream farmhouse retreat into a reality, you can use the intelligent features today’s units have to offer. Are you planning to include any of these ideas?

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