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23 Creative Kid’s Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make Your Kid Happy

Kid’s bathrooms are a great place to decorate with kid’s bathroom ideas. These bathrooms will show you how to make the bathroom look fun and welcoming for your children.

Regardless of your own experience as a parent, designing a child’s bathing space is not easy. For some, the bathroom must be functional and playful at once. If you are struggling with this issue, read on for many kid’s bathroom ideas.

These children’s bathrooms are designed with colorful shower curtains, hand soaps, third-floor hooks for towels, and many other small details. They seem to make people of all age groups happy!

1. Pottery Barn Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

kid's bathroom ideas

Their raindrop shower curtains in fun colors provide a cohesive design element to the pottery barn kid’s bathing space.

A white countertop and floating shelf paired with blue walls create a fresh look. Potted plants, whale hanging, and statuettes make the final ascent.

2. Guest Friendly Kid Bathroom

kids bathroom decor

The round penny-shaped floor tiles are complemented by the mint green step stool and walls. The laundry basket and hooks, which hold striped towels, also catch your eye.

The kids’ bathroom features white cabinet doors, contrasting nicely with the brightly painted wall. The open shelf below is used to store bath essentials. Vintage mirrors and light fixtures make the space feel inviting for guests of all generations.

3. Kid’s Bath Mat

kid friendly bathroom

White-painted walls provide a blank canvas for this bathroom’s vibrant blue plumbing accents and mosaic tiles. A rectangular mirror highlights the room’s whiteness, while a countertop of white marble adds to its modern feel.

Wood-like ceramic tiles provide a cozy look. The turquoise bath mat and polka dot towel evoke happiness in this space.

4. Children’s Bathroom Vanity

kids bathroom decor

Here we see a shared bathroom for teenage boys. The room provides three sinks and mirrors to avoid arguments, leaving everyone enough space to get ready in the morning.

Weathered woods and pure white fixtures lend the space a rustic coastal feel. Metallic faucets, wall sconces, artwork, and carpet in masculine tones create a mood of masculinity.

5. Kid’s Bathroom Ideas with Signs

kid's bathroom ideas

This two-tone striped accent wall creates a feeling of cheerfulness. The blue sign with white towel hooks adds to that feeling because it pops against this background, which catches the eye from across the room.

The emerald green basket is compatible with towels in different colors. A lime green shag rug tends to all children’s feet in mind. You might be surprised to find out that a bathroom can be a fun place. Check out these awesome bathroom sign ideas for the bathroom you might be creating soon!

6. Family Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

kid's bathroom ideas

The mint green walls and accessories throughout the living room provide a playful atmosphere that does not seem childish. The white marble hexagon tiles in the living room create an upscale setting.

The bathroom stays stylish with polished concrete, sinks beneath the counter, and mirrors. Towels are tastefully coordinated to make for a cohesive feel.

7. Child Proof Bathtub Handles

bathroom decor ideas

Frosted windows, floating units, and white tile set a light mood. Lime green accents inject some boldness into the bathroom for small children.

The bathroom renovation is completed with geometric shapes in contrasting colors. The three-handle shower assures effortless control during an excellent hot bathing experience.

8. Pottery Barn Kid’s Mirror

kid friendly bathroom

The walls and floor of this child’s bathroom are covered in navy-blue tiles. A touch of dramatic red sets off the patterned theme.

Lego units decorate the space with a whimsical touch. A round mirror hangs on the light grey wall above the washstand.

9. Kid-Friendly Bathroom Designs

kid friendly bathroom

Not all bathrooms are suitable for children. But if you want one that will suit both of your needs, try adding square-shaped tiles to the walls and bathtub so that it becomes punchy.

A neutral color scheme in a room can provide a sense of calm, and it helps eliminate a feeling of chaos in the environment. You can also use a mirror to reflect light and enhance a feeling of serenity.

10. Kid’s Shower Curtains

bathroom design ideas

This family-friendly bathroom is perfect for both children and teenage boys. The black door, slate flooring, and Scandinavian shower curtain express maturity, while the yellow wall, rubber duckies, and animal hooks keep it playful.

11. Girl Bathroom Shower Curtain

bathroom decor ideas

The typical teenage girl’s bathroom has a vibrant and youthful ambiance due to its hot pink, green, and yellow décor. The window-blind blocks the sun’s harsh rays. Fun accessories such as a rainbow shower curtain inject personality into the room’s decor.

12. Kid’s Bathroom Wall Decor

kids bathroom decor

Double-hung windows in the bathroom allow light to filter through. The white subway tiles, black countertop, and marble vanity give it a more mature feel. A coral mirror that doubles as wall decor completes the room’s design aesthetic. These bathroom window ideas will make you think twice about where to install a window in your own home.

13. Unique Bathroom Accessories for Children

bathroom design ideas

In this small bathroom, there’s a double sink and two faucets. It’s perfect for two kids to get ready in the morning simultaneously without fighting over who had first dibs on brushing their teeth. Fun accessories with flowers can make it fun for parents too.

14. Boy Bathroom Sets

kids bathroom decor

The bathroom features cheerful yellow and white striped wall coverings, with a rug and monster truck pieces. There is also dark wood in the vanity mirror and flooring that gives warmth to this interior part. Take a look at these interesting boy’s bathroom ideas that you will want to see.

15. Small Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

kid's bathroom ideas

The white-and-window theme gives this bathroom a more significant appearance. Cornflower blue, pink, and yellow can be used for accent colors. The mirrored built-in cabinets are a great way to save space and keep things out of sight.

16. DIY Bathroom Shelves for Kids

kid friendly bathroom

The children’s bathroom is much different from the other bathrooms in this hotel. This bathroom features bears on the wall, a yellow rubber duck, and stripes hanging in front of it. A shelf near the mirror has easy-to-reach towels.

17. Kid’s Bathroom Floor

bathroom decor ideas

The bathroom features wall decals of fish and seaweed in a sea-inspired motif. The mirror’s porthole is framed with blue tiles, while the floor has a pattern of blue tiles mixed with white ones. A floral step stool makes it easy for young children to wash their hands at the sink.

18. Baby Bathroom Ideas

kids bathroom decor

This animal-themed bathroom is outfitted with a toilet, mirror, and sink. It’s designed to teach kids about potty training and provide an opportunity for getting a good brushing of teeth in as well! Towel bar and hooks help manage messes while not compromising the design aesthetic.

19. Shower Curtains for Children’s Bathrooms

kid friendly bathroom

You want your kids to love you. Get them a rubber duck shower curtain, rug, towel, and accessories for the bathroom. They’ll never forget you when they have a white clawfoot tub that provides optimal comfort!

20. Bathtub Safety for Toddlers

bathroom decor ideas

This children’s bathing space is made cheerful with colorful tiles. Mirrored wall cabinets make the room feel larger. Two washstands keep kids from fighting during their morning routine, and the anti-scald shower faucet makes bath time safer.

21. Bathroom Wall Art Prints for Kids

bathroom design ideas

The white foundation, skylight, and window create a bright atmosphere. The playful aspects of the room are given by the mosaics, mirrors, and imaginative toys. Finally, a hidden drawer can be reached by stepping on wheels recessed into the ground.

22. Kid-Friendly Bathroom Tile

kids bathroom decor

The room’s surfaces are covered in crisp white tiles, green tiles, and yellow tiles. These, combined with the bold pendant lights, polka dot, and striped wall stickers, turn this space into an oasis for children.

Having wooden stools in the kitchen can help kids too short of reaching the sink.

23. Kid’s Bathroom Layouts

kids bathroom ideas

The hooks on the windowsill hold blue towels. The stool comes in green, which matches the faucet of the vanity on top of it. A mirror on top of this also tricks your eye into thinking there is more space around you.

Decorating your child’s bathroom should not be an all-or-nothing proposition. That means it should suit your style, your children’s yearnings and needs, and the family’s expectations as well. Are you ready to create a retreat for your little one using my kid’s bathroom ideas?

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