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20 Amazing Mid Century Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Project

Find the best mid century bathroom ideas for your home and get inspiration for your next renovation project. Get the best design ideas for your home and make it perfect.

A mid century bathroom style will refresh your body and mind by adding a fresh, clean, high-end look. To attain this look for your home, continue reading to find out how to create the perfect mid century bathroom.

1. Brass Accent and Wooden Vanity

mid century bathroom vanity

Natural and manufactured materials are some of the most prevalent things in a typical mid century bathroom. It explains why you are likely to contact wooden furniture and brass accents.

If you want a mid century modern look in your bathroom, wooden vanity with a brass mirror frame will be an intelligent decision.

A wooden vanity top with a marble counter sets this bathroom apart from the rest. Brass accents in the cabinet’s legs, drawer pulls, and faucets add flair to this great space.

Here, the brass accent adds interest to this mirror frame and towel holder, unifying these pieces for a cohesive look.

2. Simple Lighting in a Mid Century Bathroom

mid century bathroom ideas

The mid century design has brass and copper accents, but it often opts for a sleek finish. Don’t clutter with unnecessary furniture or fixtures to ensure the bathroom style is true to mid century philosophy.

Although fancy chandeliers have become trendy in recent years, resist the temptation to purchase one for your bathroom if you wish to recreate a mid century modern style.

From a functionality perspective, try to ignore the refined design in your search for the perfect chair. For many people, simplicity is not always dull.

You’ll always find this sconce design looking good, despite the simple elegance. Hanging above the mirror adds ample lighting to your grooming space.

These lamps come in a brass color to match this lamp’s brass metal frame, creating a stylish, mid century modern design.

3. Add a Rug

mid century bathroom light fixtures

When it comes to style, grasping the basics can be a challenge. When we look to mid century design setups, furniture mixing and contrasting creates an intriguing effect. But you don’t need everything in your bathroom!

Here is a bathroom with both style and functionality. A dark brown vanity made of clean, angular lines contrasts nicely with the mid century charm in this space. Brass accents give it an extra edge, making for a desirable design overall.

To improve the look of a room, one should use rugs made of cotton. Not only do they provide warmth when walking barefoot and help protect from moisture on your floor, but their fabric design adds character to space.

4. Add Bold Pattern

mid century bathroom accessories set

A mid century bathroom doesn’t need to be plain, which is one of the more appealing features. If you add patterns to the walls or floor, you’ll create an even more exciting space.

The mid century modern design relies on Geometric patterns. Hanging framed pictures on the wall or installing patterned tiles in the kitchen is a simple way to incorporate them into your home.

The sleek and minimalist features of this all-white mid century style bathroom are complemented by the bold geometric patterns that stand out against the white background.

Install the geometric tiles from floor to ceiling in a staggered finish to create this mid century idea. This way, not only will your project embrace the style seamlessly and provide transitions, but it will also be part of an epic plan.

5. Keep Things Uncluttered

mid century modern bathroom art

mid century bathrooms feature an open, airy space. It’s essential to get rid of things that don’t fit the overall design to create this look.

Ensure your bathrooms have everything they need, such as a vanity with mirrors and any shower or tub you want to use. Ensure that anything unnecessary is hidden away, so it doesn’t take up space in the bathroom.

This bathroom looks best when it is kept minimalistic. The veins of the marble floor add a sense of order to space and make it feel clean.

Dark green provides balance to the harsh, bold colors used in bathrooms. Some ways to counter this are installing windows near the ceiling and designing high ceilings with plenty of natural light.

6. Go for Neutral Color Hues

midcentury modern bathroom

For homes in the mid century style, using bold colors is not uncommon. If you’re tired of bright, hot flushes, or if you want a more relaxing experience, then consider painting your bathroom a more neutral color.

The bathroom in this example has architecture and design cues from the mid century era. It is primarily grey with a traditional color scheme, but its modern simplicity makes it open and inviting.

To add some visual impact, clean white subway tiles with a few black accents fill the wall space. A walk-in shower in bespoke cabinetry opens to a pristine white bathroom that offers a beautiful vista of nature thanks to large windows and clean lines around the bathtub.

The bathroom is a great place to be creative and make the most of space. Here are some interesting bathroom shower ideas you’ll want to see.

7. Herringbone Accent Wall

mid century bathroom black and white

The white mosaic tiles create a pattern on the floor, which creates an elegant and straightforward feel in this bathroom. The bathtub matches well with the tile because they are both white.

Wood makes an appearance in any home built in the mid century modern style. Some of the wood is on partial display in this picture, creating a lovely pattern and texture.

The upper half of the wall is contrasting for a variety of reasons. First, there are black herringbone tiles, whereas the lower half has paneling as its material. The pattern and color are vastly different when looking at details in this area.

But that’s not an issue because contrast, or the juxtaposition of different elements in a design, is one of the most popular design tropes in mid century bathrooms.

8. Sleek Geometric Pattern

mid century bathroom ideas

Mid century bathroom designs typically comprise clean, geometric minimalism. The entire structure is done in a smooth curve and relies on sharp lines for simplicity’s sake.

This bathroom is beautifully styled with hexagonal tiles on the top half of the wall. Shiplap paneling covers what remains, leaving a bit of cottage charm in its wake. Check out these interesting cottage bathroom ideas that will help make your summer cottage dream a reality.

This design includes a geometric pattern of the wall with two clean-lined vanities positioned on either side. There are brass frames with frameless hexagonal mirrors that multiple users can utilize.

9. Add a Lively Lift with Greenery

mid century brass bathroom lighting

Plantlife has always been a great addition to any room, regardless of the style or period. In your mid century bathroom, they will turn out well as well. You may be thinking about what sorts of plants might be appropriate for this area.

Since you will be embracing mid century style in your bathroom, make sure to cover surfaces with green plants such as Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, Umbrella Plant, or Ivy.

Greenery offers simplicity that will break the modern-day white, crisp look of mid century design. In addition to purifying air, it gives off good vibes.

10. Incorporate Wicker Basket

mid century bathroom ceiling light

Sometimes you need one or two baskets to complete your magazine and towel storage system. But wicker baskets can take your entire organization plan to a higher level.

The wicker baskets typically used in bathroom decor come in earthy tones that could spruce a dull brown or beige mid century style. But these aren’t just for storing things, as they can also add a textural element to space.

11. Stay Organized

mid century bathroom countertops

Must-haves for creating a mid century style are also what you need to make it work. You need good storage and open space, but unfortunately, not everything is that simple.

The vanity countertop typically contains grooming essentials that find their way over. It can be messy to examine this space to create a clean environment throughout the room.

There are baskets that you can buy to solve this query. Instead of using plastic containers or trays, you can get a product made from a natural material like wicker to add the right look to your room.

12. Keep Being Minimalist

mid century bathroom double vanity

Mid century bathrooms typically have an open and spacious design, but it may be challenging for you to maintain that when limited space is available.

Minimalism is the best way to keep clutter at bay. You can start by going big instead of small. For example, a single sink bathroom may not be enough space for multiple users so you might opt for a bigger one with more fixtures.

You can also maximize your space by using an oversized vanity because it covers the wall perfectly and offers a sizable amount of storage.

To make a small bathroom seem more significant, attach the shelves to the wall. However, this will create a floating effect, and it may not be suited for everyone.

Consider putting up a mirror in your bathroom that stretches from the top of the vanity to the ceiling so you can see yourself. Besides, it will cover space and reflect more light, making your bathroom seem more significant.

13. Tapered Legs for a Taller Vanity

mid century dresser bathroom vanity

One of the hallmarks of mid century design is putting furniture on a shelf. You can re-create this look by attaching shelves to your wall with screws, nails, or L brackets.

One option would be creating customized furniture legs tapered and raising the piece off the ground a few inches.

A wooden vanity with a chalkboard finish is featured in this bathroom. The four brass legs on the cabinet provide an additional touch of detail and create a floating effect in the space. Check out these fantastic bathroom cabinet designs that will change the way you think about storage in your bathroom.

14. Add a bit of Rustic Flair

mid century bathroom exhaust fan

Sometimes two completely different styles can create a single epic mixture. For example, please look at what we have here with these art pieces.

This mid century bathroom combines the sleek look of modern design and the rustic charm that pays tribute to history. The weathered vanity has a minimalist appearance, perfect for this space.

This mirror features two round mirrors with a brass finish that accentuates the mid century style of this space. A rustic sconce illuminates each one and provides you with additional light when checking your appearance.

15. Accentuate the Mirror

mid century modern bathroom vanity

A mirror is an indispensable tool in the grooming area of any bathroom. It’s often the first thing people see when they wake up and the last thing they see before sleep. It deserves some flair.

Restyling your bathroom mirror with a brass border will create the appearance of more space while preserving mid century appeal.

Install an accent wall behind the painting by layering tiles that differ from the background to add more impact. If you want a more straightforward option, try stencils instead.

To keep groomers safe, be sure to install a light near the mirror. Two sconces or pendant lights on either side of the mirror will help it stand out more and make for better visibility.

16. Opt for Bold Colors

mid century bathroom floor tile

A mid century bathroom typically uses a neutral or earthy color palette, but the option is yours if you want to go for bold colors. Using deep hues is one of the distinctive traits of this style.

This bathroom features turquoise tiles that line the back wall and blue marble tiles for the shower’s floor. The accents on the walls combine with those in the restroom to create a stunning design.

A wooden vanity brings ample storage with its design, which holds to the mid century style. Interest is added through brass accents in the drawer pulls, faucet, sconces, and divider.

17. Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

mid century bathroom fan

Installing hexagonal tiles is an easy and instantaneous way to add a mid century modern style to your home. Geometric patterns are the most widely used way of creating this specific feel, and they have never failed in that sense.

This bathroom looks stunning with hexagonal tiles. The cubes are made from different shades of grey and white, creating a mosaic design effect when seen together.

If your bathroom décor feels generic with a plain white vase on the vanity, spice it up with a pink ceramic vase that holds spring cherry blossoms to add an extra bit of Japanese style.

18. Bring in Nature to Space

mid century glam bathroom

Although some people find a mid century bathroom too simple to be interesting, these bathrooms are often the favorite among those who appreciate functional design.

You can transform your room into an old-fashioned gallery by hanging a large painting or photo as wall art. Not up for the task of framing? Make it modern by bringing nature to space.

Installing a large, flat-panel window in your bathroom can be soothing. Not only does it add light and space to the room, but you also get a much better view from an elevated height.

Another advantage of the large window in your bathroom is that it lets more natural light into this otherwise dark space, making it look spacious and airy.

19. Add a Nuance with Succulents

mid century modern guest bathroom

Planting plants in a bathroom adds instant background, but if you’re worried about the maintenance, succulents will make your plant selection easier.

Indoor plants are a popular decoration, but succulents provide an effortless way to maintain a low-maintenance garden. Some hanging succulents can also create dramatic decor for your home’s bathroom.

If you’re looking for a less tiresome plant to grow, try donkey’s tail, ragwort vine, or string of pearls. Plant in containers and place where it can dangle dramatically either on the shelf or attached to the wall–or if you prefer something more lively that stands up by itself.

20. Subdued Colors Create a Calming Effect

midcentury modern bathroom

For those that opt for neutral or bold colors, a mid century bathroom is a perfect choice. However, if you are more of a subdued color fan, go with it!

When designing a small space, you can use these tones with sleek vanity and mirror to bring out the most modern flare.

Decorating a mid century bathroom can be cheaper than you think. If you combine colors and patterns properly, you won’t have any trouble. And if that doesn’t suit your needs, greenery may also help.

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